i think i have schizophrenia. i hear voices, and no matter how hard i try to tell my self there imaginary, they wont go away. i also see things and fell things that i hate. i fill like a monster for seeing and felling those things but they wont stop no matter how much i say no or try to push them out of my head. im so scared that i will turn into that person that i promised my self i would kill my self if i got close to it. some times i can stop the fillings and the imagis and the vocies but its getting harder. i want to see a docter but im afraid that i will be commited for ever because the Read More »
Well for the last year i've been really really paranoid and for a while i had this extreme fear of leaving the room.. (i lived at my bfs at the time) i would think everyone any one would say is ment to be against me i dont know why and i'd think they were all against me so i'd be extra nice and keep to myself cuz i didnt want to piss them off . cuz i thought they were all messing with my head then i thought they were gonna kill me ,, crazy i know , then id only come out of the room to eat or the bathroom and id sit there listing to the walls because i thought they were all against me ..(they Read More »

Since I have changed my work I have fallen into a spiral. I feel that my life is falling apart in the space of a week. I was already in a critical position in my last post however it seemed like it helped me to keep stable and strong. My worry is that things will pass my control and it will be hard to come back to my reality. I have changed so quickly I can not stand straight, I am in a constant panic attack, I have become paranoid that I will collapse. This is strange especially because I come back from a hollyday where I build myself up and thought I was ready for the next step. I a Read More »
Hi everyone!
So since I was 11 (nearly 14 now) I suffered depression and self-harmed. I always had suicidal thoughts and firmly believed no one cared. I tried to stop self-harming by being creative and wrote stories. For some reason characters from my books stuck in my head. I found myself having conversations with them and at the time I thought it was perfectly sane. I didn't evn know schizophrenia existed! I would say for about three years was how long I heard these voices, recently I realised that it's not exactly normal. I still talk to them though, it's like an off/on switch. I tell th Read More »
Im a 15 year old male and I think im turning schizophrenic and im getting very worried about it. It all started this summer when I noticed that I was beginning to change. My first symptom I noticed was that I just didnt real feel myself, just something wasn't quite right with me however I didn't know what it was, like I wasn't how I used to. Then I got slightly OCD, I started having obsessive thoughts, but they without the compulsions, also they weren't delusional but things like insecurities but obsessively. Ironically enough one of the things I started obsessing about was whether I was turn Read More »
I am 16 year old girl who was raped as a child by my mother's boyfriend. My mother did nothing about it and went on to marry him. 
 I currently live with my dad and step mom, and although they aren't the best parents, they're better than the alternative. 
About two years ago, I was given a psychiatric evaluation and it came back with a result of major depression.
For a while I believed I was misdiagnosed and thought it was bipolar. I had depressive episodes as well as times that I can only describe as the way a person would act if someone put a gun to their head and told them "be happy or Read More »
a few days ago my brother started to hallucinate. it is getting worse it seems. He talks to people that arent there, and blurts out random things. he thinks all his dreams are true, and he cant sleep for more than 5 min without waking up and thinking there are people all around.. he was perfectly fine 4 days ago!
he was on an antidepressent and a sleeping pill and he quit taking them after the first day of the hallucination...

he is now at the va hospital on the 6th floor where the mental patients go..

im scared that he wont get back to normal....

any help/experience with this?? Read More »
I have been taking online quizzes and i kept being diagnosed with borderline disorder, schizoid, and schizotypal. Then i took some sleep quizzes and it kept saying i have insomnia , sleep apnea, and narcolepsy. Are these bad combinations? Also is it weird I'm 17 and still play with action figures and if I'm not playing with them im daydreaming about them like they real people. Read More »
This is so very hard for me right now, although I am not a dr and know only a dr. can diagnose someone with a mental illness I have a daughter that has been showing signs of schizophrenia and feel at a loss of where to turn for help for her she has always been so self sufficient until the past 2 or so years and has recently in the past year changed so much its like she sometimes is lost inside herself and her illusions and I really just want my precious little girl back ,all though she is now an adult, I am by no means rich nor do I have insurance for her. I just want my daughter back and can Read More »
Sometimes I think I see something move, or just somethings there out of the corner of my eye, and then I turn and nothing is there. Sometimes I think I hear people mutter things when they don't say anything. I know I can get pretty paranoid and anxious about things, but is this something more? Is this weak schizophrenia? Read More »