I'm a 16 year old girl. I've been struggling for a number of years with varying degrees of depression. Originally it would just be intense feelings of regret. Then pessimism. Then self loathing. And now I just don't really understand the point of it all. I just want to give up.
I feel like a failure. I set all of these goals and expectations and never fulfill any of them. I can acknowledge that they're high standards but that doesn't lesson my reactions.
I'm having a hard time focusing in classes. I used to doodle and I'd be fine. (I might have ADD) But now my head just seems congested wi Read More »
kay so five years ago i had a dream that really got to me. MY grandad passed away ten years ago and my dream was about him. IT was strange because it still upsets me.

in my dream its my wedding day, the whole room is kind of out of focus and blurry but i can clearly see my dress and i am standing on the dance floor. Shapes and shadows of people are walking around but i cannot focus in on their faces. I am standing there and all of a sudden i feel a gentle hand on my shoulder. (this may sound weird but i really felt it in the dream), i turn around and its my grandad. i didnt even gasp or cr Read More »

i'm having a durn difficult time researching anything about this and it's wigging me out a bit so i thought i'd ask if anybody has any insight...

once upon a time when i was considerably younger i experienced what i believe was an auditory hallucination. nothing horrible, but when trying to get to sleep i would suddenly hear brilliant chords of music - as if a full orchestra were suddenly in the room. i went to check and the rest of the family were all still asleep so it had to have been in my head. over the next few years it happened from time to time, i could even (seemingly) try to forc Read More »
I am going through difficult times due to a divorce and children separation. Currently I am having nightmares. Most of the time I can't remember them I just wake up sweating and my limbs are shaking. I have remembered only 2 dreams:

- I am climbing an old-fashined ebony piece of furniture and holding in one hand a white pillow with the shape of a newborn baby. Beneath there is a crocodile jumping trying to catch me. Suddenly, he catches me by the edge of my white T-shirt and I fall. On the floor, I realize that the crocodile wants to attack the pillow and when I extend my arm to put the pi Read More »
In my dream I meet a man, his son, and grandson in a small country town. Than something happened to where all three died and out of respect I went to their funeral. The funeral was in a large cemetery that looked like a camp ground with headstones, rv's, campers, and tents all around. I went to the site were the three was to be buried, but there was only one coffen setting there with one body in it; however, when I looked down at the body I could see all three peoples face the father, the son, and the grandson. Once the ceremony was over and the coffen was buried a large red tent was placed b Read More »
I dont fall asleep till 4am. I've tried getting up early and trying to change my schedule but I always lay in bed wide awake till that time or sometimes later. I found these sleeping pills so I started using them and they worked for about a week, then it started to make things worse and I would stay up even later till about 7 or 8 am. Im worried for when school starts again, cause this is what happened last year, my freshman year. I would become so tired in class and couldn't concentrate. There were a few times I even missed the bus because I was exhausted. Some days I was so tired that I li Read More »
Im trying to find a job to help my family to pay bills but she comes home and starts yelling at me because she thinks i sleep all day and shes been telling me shes gonna kick me out since i was in 5th grade,and Everyone wants me to be someone i'm not, i don't feel supported by anyone, its just me against the world, i wanna study music and go to college, everyone else feels different,whats wrong with me? i wasn't born wanting to be this, but i try to leave it and i cant, i get insomnia, i don't like my self and get depressed.
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Well I was having a dream that I was in some spy movie, but at the age I am now which wouod be 13. As I was stopping a sex affender we caught him. But the way to kill him was to shoot him. But we had to keep him so I had to hold onto him. He then died and i was shoot in the side of the stomach and in the knee. I actually felt the pain of the shot. I felt the dizzziness and unconsouisness. I then went to a store and i was in a little pain but ok. I have seemed to wake up froma dream inside the dream i got shot in. Read More »
well im eighteen, if that makes a difference

well this doesn't happen that often maybe 3 or 4 times a month
but sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night and it's like my body is awake but my mind is still alseep if that makes any sense to you..
because im seeing and hearing things that i know are made up in my mind and i can't control them and it's kind of scary. it usually happens for a while and i can't fall back alseep so well afterwards. other times (this only happens every once in a while) but sometimes in the morning i can't move my body or i can't open my eyes.
it's like p Read More »
bear with me i'll explain as best as i can. they dont happen too often
but one happened last night. i wake up in the middle of the night. im awake and i know i'm awake but it's like my brain is still sleeping and dreaming. because i have these complusive thoughts that don't make any sense i can't stop the thoughts and i can't fall back fully asleep.
i just hear stuff and see stuff that isn't there and i know its not real but i cant stop it. while it was happening last night i remember saying "that doesn't make any sense" out loud, as a reaction to the uncontrollable thoughts and feelings.
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