I am trying to understand the following behavior in a adult. Can it be related to mental illness

*attention seeking behavior (banging objects to get attention, intense starring and other weird behavior)
*over dramatising events and being very excitable/emotional
*very nervous behavior (jumping about, shaking, stuttering etc)
*Erratic behavior/attitude to others

Also how do you deal with such behavior, which can be stressful, challenging and confusing for others (such as myself)?

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I'm 43 yrs old and i've lived with depression since I was a teenager. I've tried several different anti-depressants and have even coupled that with therapy but neither seems to resolve my depression. The medicine will make is easier to cope by taking the edge off so to speak, making things more tolerable but it's always in the background. Recently I have moved to a new state and do not have a job right now so I have no health insurance or money to pay for the help that I need. So i'm hoping that by joining PhychCentral that I might be able to help myself conquer this depression by both ge Read More »

Hi there ,

I was diagnoised with Depression ,OCD and anxiety over 20 years ago ,went through all the usual therapy medication's ECT's but 6 months ago I was diagnoised with BPD and even tough it was a relief to have a proper diagnoises and start a DBT programe sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed I cannot be there fully for my kids.I am there in body but not in spirit and that alone makes me feel so guilty my mood is always low ,I am trying the skills I have learned but I was just wondering if anybody knew a specific type of anti-depressant for BPD ?

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i generally feel dat in every day life,we find many such things that upset us,many things we dont like.how should one cope vd such situations? i get disturbed at small issues related to managment.how to keep urself calm and deal wd unexpectd things and unwanted events? Read More »
kay so five years ago i had a dream that really got to me. MY grandad passed away ten years ago and my dream was about him. IT was strange because it still upsets me.

in my dream its my wedding day, the whole room is kind of out of focus and blurry but i can clearly see my dress and i am standing on the dance floor. Shapes and shadows of people are walking around but i cannot focus in on their faces. I am standing there and all of a sudden i feel a gentle hand on my shoulder. (this may sound weird but i really felt it in the dream), i turn around and its my grandad. i didnt even gasp or cr Read More »
Long time, no write. I have a question about a talk I need to have later this week.

So Im an 18 yr old girl, and alot has happened in this last year. I had a very miserable year, and so did the boy I dated (lets call him Drake). Throughout the year I had extreme trust issues and a hard time sharing anything when it bothered me. At the beginning of the summer I started pushing everyone away, and Drake got close to another girl (and i half thought they were dating behind my back) and everything got terribly out of hand for both Drake and I's depression. So at the end of the summer I dubed th Read More »
im 17 soon to be 18 ive never had a father that cared about me all he did was beat my mom and me and came at me with a knife im loseing my home ive known my entire life and my gf broke up with me said i was too clingy but all i did wrong was want to spend too much time with her i cared for her bought her things just to see her smile did things with her i was scaerd to do because i knew she wanted to do it and one day we were sitting on the couch cuddleing with each other holding hads her head laying on my shoulder she looked up locked eyes with me and kissed me my first kiss and then the next Read More »
i just cant do it no more i reached my breaking point i feel the need to just cut her out my life all my mom ever does is belittle me she never has nothing positive to say about me its been this way since i was little she even told me that she could see i was going be a bitch when i reached the age of 5 today is the day where i just realize i cant do this no more its either i talk to her very little or cut her off complete she is getting on my damn nerves.today i never said hi to her boyfriend and he took it so offensive i was walking pass their room and i heard them talking about me he kept Read More »
Do you think it would be possible that I have Bipolar Disorder or Cyclothymia? Lately I have been noticing that my mood constantly change between happy, engergetic, jittery, and having a lot if fun, and depressed, tired, wanting to lay down, not wanting to talk to anyone, thinking that I am miserable and hopeless and that I am only going to be unhappy for the rest of my life. If sometimes changes within an hour, sometimes it takes a day, and sometimes it remains mainly for about 4 days with a few happy or normal short periods during it. The main reason why I am questioning wether I have it or Read More »
Please read it:'(

So this was my first relation i was 14 when one of my relative proposed me, I was like comon weronica he's just your cousin just say yes,, so my answer to him was yes,as I was 14 I realy wasn't mature at all, but slowly when I turned 15 I realy started loving him a lot:'(
He's 2 years elder to me,he lied me many times that he doesn't flirt around with girls and etc etc.. I beleived him,, but one day I got to know his facebook password I broke into pieces he had flirted with so many girls etc.. So then I just texted him its over,, but I never told him the truth what I saw Read More »