i hate myself.
i hate everyone
in ohio.
yet i live here,
no one likes me,
im worthless.
at least my life is,
life is so worthless.
when you feel this way
about wyoming
about your dad.
yet you are so far away
from wyoming
and your dad.


2916 days ago
It's not worthless at all. You just need someone to show you how to live a little smarter, so you don't get so wrapped up in your feelings of despair and start focusing on other important things.

Who, of the people you know, really knows how to deal with things will, especially difficult situations? It doesn't have to be someone you can talk to. Even a character on television would work. Find someone and study them. See how they live and how they think. See how they keep healthy, and then practice their strategies. The most important thing you need to do is try; put all the pain and suffering on hold and start figuring out ways to move forward.

2916 days ago
Hi ihateeveryone,

I understand you're full of many bad feelings and this is very hard for you. I also know it feels some what of a relief to let your feelings out here. Unfortunately we can only do so much and I think you need and DESERVE much more. It hurts me to see a young person like yourself in so much pain. I'm a mother and you're the same age as my oldest daughter.

I think the 1st thing you need to do, is call your father and tell him exactly how you're feeling. You also need to speak with a counselor at school or a teacher you like. If you share how you feel with the right people, they might be able to help you.

When I'm feeling really awful I remember the 'Serenity Prayer' - I'm not overly religious, in the sense I don't belong to a specific religious building where I worship. But I believe in God and believe in being a good person. The Serenity Prayer can be appreciated by any religion. here's how it goes:

God, grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change;

The courage to change the things that I can;

And the wisdom to know the difference.

Being angry won't do you a bit of good. You need to start thinking about how you can change what you can and for now accept what you can't change. You might be surprised how things work out, if you start to change your attitude a little. Now I'm not saying you should accept your mom slapping you - this is something you need to tell an adult about. So I want you to start thinking logically what you can and can't do about your situation. It might be going to live with your father or simply accepting you have to live in Ohio for now. I understand how you hate the fact you moved away from your dad and Wyoming, but how realistic and fruitful is rebelling? You need to come up with a postive way to deal with this situation because being angry and hateful isn't working. Think about this - okay?

2916 days ago
Hi there, I feel rather bad for postingwithout an answer... But Bella and edahn, I really think that the question below this by shingirl123 or something like that could use a touch of your help, you see she's a friend of mine I showed her answers because of all of you caring support

2916 days ago
my life is worthless. my straight a's are now c's,and d's. my mom is in college and gives me no attention. my mom thinks she can scream at me and cuss at me and i will not care. i live in filth. i am unhappy and unless i move i will always be unhappy.always.there is just something about ohio that is just repulsive to me.there is something about wyoming that is so lovily, beautiful,and magestic. i seem to be the only one who is like this. even when i post a question i get no real answers that i need. for i have special needs i guess. but when i get an answer it is so exiting to me. for finnaly someone cares enough to listen.

2916 days ago
Sorry you feel you don't get your questions answered. Most of the time you're making statements. We've told you to speak to your school counselor and they would probably call the Childrens Protective Services, who would then call your father. Does your father want you to live with him? You've also been given a Teen Helpline number as well in other posts. We can't put you on a plane to Wyoming - we're not miracle workers. I personally have said all I can to inspire you to reach out to the appropriate people - the rest is up to you.

2916 days ago
i am unhappy and unless i move i will always be unhappy.

that could be part of the problem right there. you wont be happy unless you try to be. if you keep that mindset where yo wont be happy unless you get what you want, guess what? you wont.

even when i post a question i get no real answers that i need.

what is the answer you need? if you know what the answer you need is to your questions, then why are you asking the question? (sorry if that sounds mean, i dont know how to word it. i mean you say your not getting the answer you need, so if you know what that is already..yeah.)

anyway. i dont know if this will help, and im sorry ahead of time. good luck.

2916 days ago
I had an idea. When you talk about not getting the answers that you need, maybe think about what you would write to someone who had a question or a concern like yours? What would you tell them? That might help you discover for yourself the answer that you are looking for. It might already be inside of you. You do not have to tell anyone, it is not a homework assignment or anything. Just think about it. All my best. Junie

2915 days ago
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