Am seventeen i was diagnosed when i was really young I've been on and off medication all my life but this year I've been on but I still forget things, little things like my phone, notebooks, pencils, or some times homework, important dates or worse my emotions are so erratic some times am so confused i don't know what to do with myself other times I feel like i don't want to talk with anyone my parents think that the meds are the cure so they get upset for every little thing I forget or misplace or say things with out even knowing what I had just said am overwhelmed do I blame myself for these things or the ADHD?


2144 days ago

ADHD can cause all that you describe, and for some people, the meds are not all that helpful!

There is evidence to suggest that maintaining a healthy diet, with enough B vitamins and taking fish oil or flaxseed supplements, which are high in Omega 3, is very very helpful. A supplement called gingko biloba also helps. Try to cut out excess sugary foods, and all processed and junk food as that contributes to brain fog.

It really is not fair for your parents to blame you for symptoms that you cannot help, so try not to be hard on yourself