I am a 17 year old boy and I get angry very easily. it started awhile ago (a year or so) and isn't getting better. I have fonud myself to be very short in situations I do not like. I am stubborn in the sense that if I don't like something I don't like it. But if something doesn't go the way I plan or something goes wrong I get angry to a point where I yell, throw things, smash things, punch walls or doors or anything else for that matter. I start breathing heavily and just can't controll myself.

The other day would be a prime example. My mom told me to vacuum the house while her and my dad were gone to work. I dont't like vacuuming to begin with but I do my chores because they put a roof over my head and I like to help out. but my vacuum got stuck under a door and got pulled in 2 parts, this happened twice (i fixed it teh first time) after this I threw the vacuum which broke it more and yelled as loud as I could to a point where my vocal cords hurt for 2 days..

It's wierd though sometimes I can be very patient and understanding but other times im just mad. is this normal? is there anything you would recommend?



2821 days ago
Hi - it's positive you recognize you have a problem. Do either of your parents yell? There's anger management but I don't know if your parents would put in something like this. You can try thinking before you act and talk - put yourself on a few seconds delay. Have you ever looked at yourself when you're angry - when we look in the mirror we normally put on a pleasant face. Take a look when you're angry - it will be an eye opener lol.

Can you pin point anything that happened a year ago, when this anger emerged? You can also do deep breathing exercises. In life we're bound to have problems so we have to learn to accept them. I hope you can learn to control this before you get in relationships.