I am trying to find out about any holistic or energy therapy that works to help reduce cravings (or cure) substance abuse. (Methamphetamine addiction))


3791 days ago
Go to emofree.com/downloadeftmanual.asp.for a FREE EFT manual download.

emofree is Garry Craigs site. I feel it is the best and most comprehensive.

I am an ex alcoholic.I am a male. I have used EFT for chronic pain management with my partner, and it works well.

Garry's site has LOTS of good FREE information. I also purchased 2 sets of his DVD's. It is GREAT to be able to see him practice. He is an AMAZING guy and some of his results are also amazing.I am NOT associated with Garry Craig or his website in any way. Check out with your doctor a GREAT drug called Naltrexone. It specificaaly normalises the mood centres in the brain to stop CRAVINGS. I would have never got of alcohol without it.Good luck...Terry

3646 days ago
Ifshadow, certainly anything that you believe can help, in the way of therapies, can help! In addition to the other links given, try reading about Chakras, and also about Reiki. There are many holistic practitioners who use light energy, hand sensing and the like to help align the vibrations within the human body for ease of suffering.