My son is 21 years old. He has had behavior problems for the past 15 years. It started as a child not being able to keep his hands to himself (hitting other kids, grabbing their arms, etc). He would not listen to anyone. He then went to stay with his grandparents who had no control over him at all. I thought the change would help but it didn't. He became involved in drugs and got into trouble over and over. I begged him to come home but he wouldn't. He finally had too when a judge sentenced him to probation on the terms he live with me. He is increasingly depressed. He becomes extremely verbally abusive. Has threatened violence but never hit me. He also suffers from severe acne (which came upon suddenly and severe). He is depressed about how he looks (multiple acne scars). He goes into rages and cannot seem to control his anger at all. He has said he feels no emotions. I have begged him to get help. I tried several times when he was younger taking him to different therapists and psychiatrists but no one was able to help; then he would refuse to go. His father has never lived with us and I was unable to control him. He lies constantly. He goes thru a phase where he is responsible, works, makes money, he even got credit cards - only to spend more then he could and now has a lot of bills - which is another cause of his depression,. I feel the only thing left is to have him committed to a psychiatric hospital because if he doesn't get help soon I'm afraid he will either end up dead, in jail or hurting someone. I am at the end of my rope. I worry everytime he goes out the door. He yells at me constantly and won't talk to me without yelling or calling me names. I don't even care what names he calls me, I just want to help him. Can anyone offer advice or opinions? Please.


3575 days ago
Hi Needhelp...

I sincerely empathize with your situation. Probably the best you could get, right away, would be a 72 hour observation for him.

But, they may kick him out of the psychiatric hospital after those three days.

If he harms himself or others, and there is proof of said harm, you are a lot more likely to be able to get him committed for longer help.

Call your local therapists, doctors, and mental health centers to see what they can offer as well.



3572 days ago
The best advice I can give is to wait until your son is in the best mood you can find him in, and have a heart to heart talk with him. Make sure you don't blame him or fault him in any way. Do emphasize and see if he can agree that he is probably miserable living this way, and needs help to find out why he's feeling and acting so differently than other people.

Give him your support, see if he will allow you to help by contacting a psychologist/psychiatrist or his medical doctor and going with him to the appointment. If he's totally out of control, there isn't much you can do but hope that a doctor or police officer will commit him for that 3 day hold to evaluate him, and that if that happens he is convinced he needs help.

Good wishes


3229 days ago
If you think your son is going to harm himself or others you can call the police and tell them this. They will dispatch a special unit to your home. Speak with him and determine if he needs to be detained for the 72 hour observation or not. If they do detain him for observation (which they probably will when they observe his violent or verbal assault at them responding to your call) he will be taken to a county facility. I know this because my daughter's husband had this done with her. She was deeply depressed, told him she might as well be dead. Next thing she knows the police are knocking at their door. Her husband made the call telling them he was afraid she might kill herself. They took her away, she was kept for the 72 hours. She is now set up with regular counseling so she can talk about her problems. What seemed like a nightmare at first has worked itself out and she is feeling much better.