My sister was on Prozac about 5 years ago. Now she says she's not taking it anymore. 5 years ago her house was really clean. Now her house is UNBEARABLE. Mom and went to visit. The smell of urine, mold on dishes and in the sink, garbage piled everywhere.They have REALLY expensive toys (New Tundra- no gas in it, a new hybrid car, all of the latest computer gadgets...but they have no money. She seems agitated, has trouble transitioning from one activity to another...her husband is wasting away. I couldn't recognize him. HOW CAN I HELP HER!!! IS SHE BIPOLAR?


3687 days ago
You can definitely help by getting her to seek help as soon as possible. It can be many things--depression, abuse, drug abuse, etc...

If she won't do anything to change, how about the husband? You mention the wasting away--it makes me wonder about drugs, seriously--but please dont freak out about it...thats where a qualified professional would come in.

If the husband doesnt agree to it, you may have to try and get help via your mom and yourself, but be careful and be sure to be protective of yourself.

Do they have children? You might be able to go that route, if needed. I hope for the best for you and for them.


3686 days ago
Perhaps she is just totally overwhelmed. I have been dating a guy for about a year now, and I had gotten to that point, he comes and helps me clean up, and when I am too "funked" he comes and helps me catch up. Some days I don't even want to get off the couch to go "pee". I have been diagnosed bipolar, but of course I am here with questions about it. No matter the diagnosis or reason, it sounds like she needs help, and maybe she is too embarrassed to ask, or just doesn't feel like caring. You may have to care enough for the lot of you, while she gets some other help, and definitely NEEDS her medicine. If I am off mine for a few days, it takes me weeks to come back to life.