I cant concentrate at all. It took me lot lot efforts to pass my school, college exams. In school anyohw i used to manage a good score, but in university i just went on failing and failing. It used to take me around a day to read a single page in my college or school life. I get lot scared that i stopped reading then.

One more thing i am facing a lot ... i cant forget somethin bad happened to me for a along time ... it scares me again and again.

I am observing for last 3-4 years, in morning when i get up i feel very very afraid untill i get out of bed.

As i am unable to concentrate i fear if i can lose job even.
I scare to speak to peope a lot. While speaking with client i am so scared that i cant speak right thing to them and make a lot lot mistakes.

Forgets a lot.

I dont have a single friend from my childhood ...
I dont know why cant i make frieds ... i speak a lot at home but cant out of home at all.

I am very much scared that always want to have mother with me ... which is not possible , i am 25 years old !!!

I am unable to concentrate on my work. I joined the company
abt 2 yrs before. Whenever i am given some task to do , i get confused of where to start , how to do it. I get scared a lot , lot .

But i have observed that in evening time or night time i am able to complete the same task very fast , no confusion at all.

I have written all my problems ... have more than this ...
I think, i am in some kind of help ...


3663 days ago
Oh, yes, I do feel that you are in need of some kind of help too. Have you checked with a T yourself for anxiety disorders?

You also mention that past experience that you do not want to talk about, it must also be so bad (such as a PTSD) that it helps you stay afraid for your life.

You must reclaim your life and get a hold of a therapist who can help you to see the way clear to getting yourself better--you deserve to be happy and deserve to feel good again...

The longer you wait the worse it will become!



3663 days ago
Hello! It does sound like a disorder. I suggest you check out paranoia, anxiety, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome).

Go see a T, MD, or physician to try and sort out your problems.

Best of luck,


2904 days ago
Hi vadapav. It sounds like you have terrible anxiety. Is it that at night there are fewer supervisors, so you aren't worried about being watched to do a good job?

Have you been evaluated for IQ or reading skills level? You might be pushing yourself to try and learn one way, when you need to put things in a different way so you can learn and remember them. We all have our ways of learning and doing. Find how to for you, and do it!