Hello, I was wondering how they test to find out if you have bipolar disorder?
I do not know if I have the disorder but I have similar episodes they are experienced with the disorder.
I know that I would need to go get tested but how do you get tested?Thank you


3726 days ago
Hello, heather1927. That's a good question. I'm not 100% positive on how they test but they'll most likely ask you questions about your episodes and symptoms, etc. There may be some kinda brain test but I'm really not sure how it's done, sorry.

Sorry if i wasn't much help, best of luck,


3726 days ago
Goldberg has the gold standard on this. DocJohn has it on the PsychCentral site: [url]http://psychcentral.com/quizzes/bipolarquiz.htm[/url]

Be sure to be honest, ok? You don't have to have bipolar disorder and can still display symptoms. Depression alone entails many of the same symptoms such as anger, and changes in level of sadness.



3726 days ago
Yes, the

http://psychcentral.com/quizzes/bipolarquiz.htm is indeed a great assessment of possible bipolar activity.

Best of luck!


3724 days ago
There are no definitive tests for bipolar.