My therapist seen me has seen me two times in three months. Then one day out of the blue I received a phone call to see a psychologist for meds. Which I did ask for. I have anxiety and have a hard time just talking. I have some others issues including alcohol but I just could not tell her. Is she testing me or what?


3575 days ago
Your therapist shouldn't be testing you -- she should be making you feel comfortable so you can open up. I'm not clear on why you've only seen her twice in three months, but if it's because she's chronically unavailable, this might not be the right therapist for you. If you're avoiding her, then you might want to persist and get in for some further sessions. But if it's her fault that you haven't seen her often, it might be time to look for a more available therapist. Sadly some therapists are disorganized, abrupt, or just a bad fit for some people. Not all of them are perfect, just as not all people in any profession are perfect. Sometimes clients figure "It's all my fault" and so stick with an unhelpful therapist too long. Probably the next move would be to raise the issues with her directly, as best you can. If her answers aren't reassuring, you may want to consider finding a more helpful therapist. Though you should tell any therapist about your concerns about alcohol, therapy is most likely not enough to help you deal with alcohol dependence. Some therapists require people with alcohol programs to go to AA or another alcohol program simultaneously. That's a move you can make right now without the aid of this or another therapist. AA meetings don't require you to talk, so you can feel comfortable even with anxiety issues. Best of luck to you!

3575 days ago
I don't really see her testing you. I do see a psychologist trying to help you get your meds. You might want to tell your therapist next time that you are afraid to talk to others, and if they would talk to you first before they have someone else call.

You really do need to tell her about the alcohol use too, you just have to do it. I know its hard, but you do want recovery, right?



3550 days ago
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