My husband never initiates a talk when we quarrel. Its always me, even when he's the cause. I've talked to him about it repeatedly, he wont change, I'm getting fed up and irritated.


3625 days ago
Have you tried to discuss it with him, that it aggravates you that he doesnt initiate, even when he is wrong?

Perhaps try your best not to talk, if it is his fault, until he does, to let him know he needs to?

It would definitely help you to discuss this with him when the two of you are not arguing. You could inform him of how you feel, and why you feel the way you do. Discuss with him what you would like to receive from him, and hopefully that will help.



3623 days ago
Hi BOLADARK01, I am wondering how much communicating you do when you aren't quarreling. It sounds, from the brief complaint, that arguing is the way you two are communicating, and not the sit down adult talking. But I can't know from this short blurb.

First off, the average man doesn't do sit down talk it out sessions with anyone. The male human prefers to chat out things while doing something, like shooting hoops or pool or some other activity. I think it's just their nature. ;)

Is there something you both enjoy doing? That would be the time, when you aren't arguing, to chat a bit about how to "fight" fair, or to work on how to work out your disagreements in a better manner.