I'm very depressed and stressed. I have a lot on my plate. I feel like I'm ready just to crash. I wonder if I'm going to have a breakdown and what should I do?


3647 days ago
If you do feel that you are about to have a nervous breakdown, you really do need to go to the hospital and/or see a therapist to discuss this/tell them this.

I sent this list a while back--and I searched for it, and I think it may help you too:


Mental breakdown is when a person is unable to function in their usual functions. Seeking help is very important if you think you have or are having a mental breakdown.

Certain signs, such as:

*a person is severely distraught and unable to function at a level

* Possible Agitation or restlessness

* Difficulty or inability to stop crying

* Sleeping difficulties

* Dramatic appetite changes

* Indecision

If you do feel that you (or someone you know) is suffering or will be suffering from a nervous breakdown, please seek medical/psychological treatment for them or you.


Let me know what you think, okay? And if you really do feel super severely distressed, please get help soon.



3647 days ago
Hi Sunflower. Yes, having TOO MUCH of anything can cause stress, and then if you feel you aren't performing like you "should" then you become more stressed.

Sit down and make a list of everything you have to do, or what you think you have to do. Think, if you went into the hospital, which of those things would be done by someone else, and which just wouldn't get done, and which would wait.

Now, adjust your list. Those things that would be done by someone else, tell that "someone" you can't do it, you have too much to do already.

Those things that wouldn't get done, take them off your list. If you have to cancel appts, dinners, activities...write the notes and make the calls. Don't offer any more of a reason than, I just can't make it. When they ask why or offer to "help" you do it etc, say no, "I just can't make it. Maybe another time."

And for those things that will wait, put them on another list...for later on.

Then, add something you really want to do, or like to do, such as go to the movies or walk to the park or enjoy a concert!

Sometimes it takes us getting to the end of the "rope" before we realize, there really is more to life than "doing all that stuff!"

be well


3646 days ago
Sunflower, drjean has offered some very good suggestions and the information that clyde has provided is very important to keep in mind.

The one thing I want to point out is...only you can decide when enough is enough. It is important that you have someone to support you during this time. That person can be a family member but I suggest a professional who can look at your situation with a fresh perspective and be able to have resources for you in the event you need further treatment or even hospitalization.

I have lived for years with all of the signs that clyde mentions and I have been hospitalized at times. It has been a very long process of using the tools that I have learned to get through these times.

I wish you the best in finding the support you need.