25 yr old stepdaughter as a teenager threatened to kill her sister when she fell asleep, killed a kitten with her bare hands, and tried to slit her wrists, always been aggressive. Is verbally abusive, throws tantrums. Leaves nasty messages, sends nasty letters when family or friends don't do what she expects them to or react the way she wants. She has a 3 year old and I'm tempted to hot line her. She lives with her mother and there is always pot in the house. Is she bipolar, just unstable or is the drugs and booze that she's used since 15 yrs old?


3562 days ago
She could be bipolar, or many different things. She needs to have a therapist see her, and she needs to have some therapist or doctor help take care of her, so she can feel better.

You may have to "hotline" her as you say, to get her to do treatment, but then again, you may just talk to her privately as well, and see what can happen.



3549 days ago
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3546 days ago
Hi there. This step daughter sounds very familiar to me. She sounds like my older sister. Okay she is terrorizing the family, but she is 25 for goodness sake she needs to grow up! My sister (25) has a 1 yr old and she pulls some of the stunts you mention on my own family. Killing a kitten is a bit extreme, I would be scared to have any kid around her. BUT you never know how she is with her own child. She may be a caring mother...but I would definitely hotline her, which I assume is calling child services? She sounds unfit for a mother. What happens if she is high and she has her toddler in the car? She is bipolar, uncontrolling, unstable and has anger issues. Just imagine if she was caring for one of your own children. My sister sounds exactly like your step daughter except the killing of the cat, but she has shaped up since she had her daughter and is one of the most responsible people I know now aside from the controlling issues. :P BUT I think Clyde is right she needs therapy and you should talk to her privately FIRST. If she is unresponsive then I suggest you taking things into your own hands. Good luck me lady.