I have a lot of stressers going on. Some days I just feel like I can't handle the day. I know what the public calls a nervous breakdown is actually major depression. Can you explain what this feels like? How do I know if I'm having one? What is the treatment options?


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Hi there,


Mental breakdown is when a person is unable to function in their usual functions. Seeking help is very important if you think you have or are having a mental breakdown.

Certain signs, such as:

*a person is severely distraught and unable to function at a level

* Possible Agitation or restlessness

* Difficulty or inability to stop crying

* Sleeping difficulties

* Dramatic appetite changes

* Indecision

If you do feel that you (or someone you know) is suffering or will be suffering from a nervous breakdown, please seek medical/psychological treatment for them or you.


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Thank you for your answers. They helped a lot. The link to the forum was especially helpful. This is a great website.

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If you think you have these conditions what can you expect? What do you have to do?

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You're right, sunshine, the public does call it a "nervous breakdown" when really, the nerves are doing just what they are supposed to!

Clyde has given you a good list to go by. Anytime someone gets to the point that they feel they "can't take it anymore" then it's time to stop and evaluate.

Just "what" can't you take anymore? You admit you have stressors daily (and we all do) but what about your responses to those stressors? What do you do for yourself to help you cope? Breathing, meditation, prayer, and the like all help us break away without breaking down.

If some of the things that you are dealing with are temporary, then use that as a way to help you get through them: tell yourself, this won't last forever, this won't be this way long.

Also, take time to get away "from your current world" by taking a walk, feeding animals at the zoo, going to the movies. You might think you can't afford to do that, but the benefits might waylay the costs of anxiety medicines.

Let us know what you think! TC


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2931 days ago
How are you doing? Being mindful of how much you are taking on, and when you are feeling overwhelmed will help you learn to take a break and distract yourself from the stress.