Before I get started I'll mention I'm twenty-one, and female. Thanks to everyone that takes the time to read and comment.

There's several things that's been bothering me. First of all there is a saddness that almost always resides in the background. What I mean is no matter my attitude or mood it's always close by. When I'm happy I seem to be excessively chattery, and giggly. I'll act very goofy like making noises, singing loudly, dancing around, and laughing at everything. But once I'm to myself or when things have quieted down I become sad. I think to myself that nothing ever lasts, that everyone I love will soon die and so will I. Everytime I allow myself to experiance joy the amount of joy I've experianced comes back as depression later, and the more joy I've felt the harder I fall.

Another thing is that I get upset very easily; over tiny things. I'm extremely impatient, and snappy, and have an explosive temper. My Dad and I never got along when we lived under the same roof because of it. I always have to have the last word, and was constantly battling for domination. I just couldn't stand to be controlled. I get irritated so easily, and can be content one moment and then suddenly fly off the handle if something happens that isn't to my liking. Also I'm very paranoid, I usually will find a hint of tone in someone's voice that displeases me and think they're saying something negative when they're not.

I'll fight with my husband over the most trivial things, and these fights are usually a result of my taking his words the wrong way or my fragile feelings. I'll yell, scream, sob, and curse and feel justified in saying or doing it all. Because even though he is such a wonderful, compassionate person I'll sometimes feel neglected like he's not giving me enough attention or like he's not showing me romantically how much he loves me. I'll fight with him and like I stated before feel completely justified in it, but afterwards I'll become ridden in guilt and depression, and I'll hate myself for being so horrible to him.

Also I sometimes get the urge to do harm to myself and others around me. There won't even have to be a reason for it either. I'll calmly run the image in my head thinking over all that would/could happen and stuff, and then I'll feel horrible and guilty and depressed and hate myself for thinking it. I used to cut, and will sometimes daydream about causing harm to myself. In the dreams I've stabbed a fork through my gums, have ripped out my own teeth...ect. It just doesn't seem normal.

But I love my husband and my parents and sibling so much, I feel so much guilt all the time for putting them through some of the things I have. Sometimes I feel so connected to them I cry thinking about how I'll eventually have to handle the fact that they'll leave me by dying. It just hurts to think about it, but I can't stop them. And sometimes when I'm very happy around them I feel sad because of this. It's like I can't allow myself to truly enjoy my loved ones.

Other things that are worrying me is my sleeping habits. I can sleep for like twelve straight hours, and sometimes I'll go a day or two without sleeping because I just "don't feel the need for it." Or sometimes I feel I'll miss out on things.

Sometimes I'll also neglect my appearance by not showering, not brushing my hair, not shaving my legs. ect usually for the same reason as the neglect of sleep. I also stay tired, and lack a lot of energy.

I also think I may have ADHD. This occurred in school. It was a struggle to grasp one thought in my mind because my mind literally feels like someone is surfing through channels sometimes. It's especially difficult when I have to set and listen to someone speak. I find it so hard to listen to the sermons at church, but I try... I really do, and it's nearly impossible. Sometimes there'll even be more than one thing in my head at once! This is very difficult since I try to write stories, I can never finish them. I also get easily distracted like I'll be saying something and I'll jump onto other subjects or utter um, uh, er alot and also I'll stare off into the tv or space sometimes before finishing. It makes me feel stupid.

And last, I feel stressed all the time. I'm constantly worrying over diseases, illnesses and germs. When I hear about one I'll suddenly think that I might have the symptoms. I've been known to spend an entire night on the internet looking up disease symptoms. It's effecting my health, sometimes I'll miss a period sometimes, or spot between them, I get stomach cramps, and all kinds of random aches and pains throughout my body. I think this stems from my horrible phobia of death and dying. I don't go to the doctor though (my husband and I have an extreamly small income and I have no insurance.) Sometimes I feel sick from worrying, but I can't turn it off. It's driving everyone around me crazy, they're getting seriously annoyed by it.

My family has a history of mental illnesses. My Mother has depression, and my first cousin has schitzophrenia (apologizes if the spelling is wrong) and bi-polar disorder. disorder. I've been told my fluctuating mood swings resembles bio-polar disorder.

I just don't know what to do, deep down I feel there is something wrong with me, like I'm not normal... I just worry constantly, and stay sad and gloomy. I'm also overweight and feel disgusted by my appearance, and sometimes feel completely worthless. Sometimes I eat when I feel sad just because it's always made me feel better in the past, but I wish I just had a healthier outlet. I do sing and write, but sometimes even that doesn't help.


3548 days ago

Hey I can kind of relate to what you are going through, and it seems like stress could be causing all of these things to happen. I went through basically all the things you have went through without the husband and stuff because I'm not married. I went to a counselor and the told me the mood swings from very over joyed to very upset/urges to harm ones self/lose of sleep or tired all the time/just getting more frustrated then usual could be some causes of over stress in your life.

It is good you are writing and singing as something you enjoy and it seems like maybe sometimes that takes the stress away. Maybe try taking a nice vacation from work and maybe even from the home to get your thoughts together and just to relax. Try some other activities you have never tried before, take an art or cooking class, try out a new summer sport like roller blading or running.

Exercise is known to help relieve stress, and so is Yoga. Ever since I have began doing yoga Ive been more calm and things seem to start running more smoothly. Rather then being more healthy exercise can also relieve anxiety AND depression.

Here is a website you might be interested to take a peek at>>

Life gets hard, and everyone goes through these moments where you need someone to talk to and need help, so don't over stress about it too much. And trust me suicide is too serious, and there's much more healthy ways to try and solve life's "lemons". Everything will be ok, and you have many people to support you through these things.

Take care

Hope I helped a little.


3548 days ago
I actually have this same problem. I have a great life, a good paying job, my own apartment, a fiance (who usually gets the blunt end of it) straight A student in college, great friends and family....and yet I am still angry all of the time. i always felt like i was the only one with this problem. I am 22 and a girl also, which i think is wierd because you are so similar to me.

While I am not quite as bad as u with the diseases and what not and dying. But sometimes i get these morbid thoughts about life and how we're all going to die and someday i will die and i dont want to. i dont want anything i love to die and i feel that this comes from one of my close friends dying in iraq last year on july 18th.

I feel as though there is something wrong with me because i am always pist off and grumpy towards my fiance. i am afraid that we will no longer be together if this keeps up. im a proud person and i dont want to admit that there is something wrong with me, but i honestly think there may be something going on. and it is not hormones i know this. I think i should talk to my doctor about modd disorders or something. Depression, alcoholism, and bi polar disorder run in my family as well.

well, keep in touch with me if you can and tell me if you find anything that works. Thanks!!

3547 days ago

It does sound a lot like bipolar disorder and depression to me. Please get it checked out by a therapist as soon as you can, so you can feel better.



3545 days ago
What you describe is disordered thinking and it's causing poor reactions and feelings. You can feel better, hon.

Depression makes you think things that aren't true, as true. Feeling overwhelmed with life, and elements of life occurs to all of us, but when you can't pull yourself back up and out of it, you need professional help.

Depression doesn't go away on it's own, and that you say it's always lurking in the background, I suspect you have been depressed for a long time. You need to talk with a professional who will guide you to better thinking and processing, and to feeling good about yourself and your life. You are worth the effort.

take care


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im a dude i had the same prob i had very bad thoughts going threw my mind iwas looking at the bad things in life. i felt like i was going to fall aparti thoght i was sick of living one nite i satdown and prayed and i figured i wasent in it alone now im fine it was a very depressing time until that nite so i hope the best foy you god saves

1909 days ago
I think you need to dig deeper into what's causing all of this. Anxiety could be behind all the depression anger worrying or could it be depression and you just act out on it with anger and anxiety? I'm almost the same as you. I have depression, severe anger problems and anxiety ( also constantly worrying if I'm sick) seek professional help I promise it'll only get worse. Good luck