For a few months now i have begun to have feelings for my best friend, who is the same age as me - 17, and also a girl. Help?
Since i was younger i have questioned my sexuality, but overall have believed to be straight. But my friendship with this girl is so strong, i dont know whether its just a huge amount of love and respect for her as a friend or more.
When we go to parties and stuff we do kiss, but only as a drunken bit of fun, but it kind of means more to me. she also has a bf and im seeing someone but im so confused right now...any advice?


3699 days ago
Sexuality is easy to get discombobulated and confused with when a person is human, regardless of age.

Questions to ask:

1) Do you feel that your girlfriend helps with feelings that you do not get from your boyfriend?

2) Do you feel that if the alcohol and drunkness was not involved, your feelings could be any different?

3) Is your feelings more of a sexual nature, love nature or both?

I think you may want to think about it long and hard before you decide that you would discuss it with her. I know that you really would want to discuss it with her, of course, yet if you do and things change, it could be a lot worse for you--you could lose both your boyfriend and her.

Best wishes,


3698 days ago
One...There is nothing wrong with liking a female!

Two...I'm in the SAME situation. Strange huh? My best friend is a girl, shes a little bit younger than me, but we do "drunken kisses" and stuff like that.

Three...I really think it all depends on you. Whether you are willing to take the risk of losing your boyfriend to go out with her, because from what you've said, it seems like you like her more anyway. But it's all up to you. I would maybe try to ask her about how she feels about you, because if she is your best friend, then she should be understanding of your feelings.

If she doesn't "swing that way", then you should be a little bit more cautious. But if she does "swing that way", then just talk to her about it, and hopefully she'll understand.

Who knows, she may just feel the same way!!

2685 days ago
Female friendship has always been closer than male to male and, the edges of lesbianism are far less defined than that of homosexuality. The problem these days is that "EVERYONE IS GAY" seems to dominate any close relationship. If it were a boy you would have set your limits as to how close the relationship would go. Do the same in this case. Good friendships last a lifetime don't spoil it with modern innuendo or homophobic fear mongering.

Take care love Jasmine.