My husband insists on sleeping on the couch, at first he made it seem like it was me.. I argues and he need a break.. Well one night I had to go to the bathroom and he was in our living room giving himself pleasure... It hurt me so bad.. It was like he was with another woman.. He became very angry and didn't want to talk to me.. I was telling him that he doesn't have to do this, that I am here to satisfy him.. But he acts like he doesn't want me... He uses marijuana and probably something else.. He often leaves at night..He uses all the vaseline...He even gets to the point in the evening he'll say, "ok honey, its time for you to go to bed, and don't forget to lock the door.." I have peeked from under the door and watched him smoking his blunt and stroking his penis, makes my heart race and i feel so rejected.. i feel like a fool.. but he makes me feel like its his body why am i mad..? how should i feel.. am i being selfish or over-reacting..


3621 days ago
For sure, you do not need to put up with it. It does sound like the marriage needs lots of work. Could you attend counseling, or get him to come with?

His marijuana use is not good, either.

You need to know if the marriage is something he really wants to work on. If not, then you know you need to get out of the situation, and cut your losses while you can.

You deserve so much better than that.



3620 days ago
yeah pot can effect the mind normal thinking process his personal pleasure thing is kind pf wierd i dnt know and apparently he doesnt want to talk about it himself maybe he will over come this on his own and you have the right to be concerned i mean after all like you said if he is tht horny you are there for him