I don't exactly know how to say what I want to say. I guess all I can really say is I need help. This is really long, and it's a waste of time. So unless you feel like wasting 10 minutes of your life to help a pathetic piece of nothing like me, click the back button on your browser.

I've been depressed since I was 10, when my dad abandoned me to go live with his new wife in Italy. The depression got worse, and worse, and worse, and of course, being a depressed teenager, I started to cut my wrists. I began drinking and taking pills and basically harming myself. Well, I'm glad to say that I haven't cut for at least....5 months. But I can't say the same for the others.

I was sexually harassed by my moms boyfriend at 14..my mom didn't believe me, and kept dating him until he did it again. At ages 14, 15, and 16 I was sexually harassed several times, one time was from an old teacher of mine, another was from a random guy who drugged me. At age 16 I attempted suicide, but stupidly I called the suicide hot-line. The cops found me, and I was hospitalized. I guess that's enough of my life story for now.

Well, a year later, and now a college student, I still find myself in the same patterns. I saw a social worker when I was 2 for anger management problems, then at age 12 (to now) for depression. I was diagnosed with major depression, dysthymia, anxiety, and most recently, PTSD (from the sexual assaults), (and manic depression runs in my family). My social worker just retired, and I have a new psychiatrist, whom I am not comfortable with. I don't know where to run.

I have always had suicidal thoughts. Ever since I can remember. Really. When I was little I used to think about jumping off of buildings and drowning in pools. And I still think like this. Whenever I'm in a building I imagine breaking the glass windows and jumping out. When I'm walking home from work at night I think about jumping in-front of the fast moving cars, or jumping off the side of the cliff, or getting picked up by some random person and being killed, or getting my throat sliced by someone walking behind me. When I'm sitting and doing nothing, I think about O.D.-ing on my sleeping pills, anti-depressants, pain killers, etc, and alcohol. My suicidal thoughts are always there. No matter what I do, they are there. They have become so normal to me, that I don't understand how anyone can not have these thoughts.

Recently I have been, I guess you could say, "fixating" my thoughts on committing suicide. I have been so tempted to just do it. I think about how my death would affect the people around me. I think about how happy people would be if I wasn't here. I think about ending up in the hospital if I don't succeed at doing it. I ponder how I would do it, and when. But for one reason or another, I never do it.

Within the past few weeks, I have been more and more.... "close" to doing it. When I taking my sleeping pills (I can't sleep at night otherwise), I have to stop myself from taking more than 2. I beat the crap out of myself to stop myself. But beating myself up, (punching myself in the head as hard as I can), is just another way of hurting myself. Sometimes when I drive home I think about going to where I tried to kill myself a year ago. The only reason I didn't go- my mom called me. Every night I drink. Every night I keep a knife by my bed so I can kill myself if I discover some new found courage. Every night, while drinking, I consider taking pills. I have done it a few times but I've puked from excessive amounts of alcohol before I could take enough pills to do the job. I really hate myself. I don't like me. I just wish I would vanish from this earth, and every memory of me was wiped away from people's minds. I don't deserve anything I have, had, or want. I am a piece of shit. I don't deserve to be on this earth. I'm a waste of....everything. I don't deserve your time. I don't deserve anything but the worst.

(Oh, and I promised myself I wouldn't live to see the day I was 18. Well, it's coming up. Maybe that's a reason for all of these seriously tempting thoughts.) I am so desperate to do it, I almost want to run away...it's so childish, but I don't give a shit. I just want to disappear. Vanish. Go 'poof'. Not live to see another second.

I'm ready.


3604 days ago
Sarah, please, please get help. It is a good sign that you wrote to this site to ask what to do. My guess is that you don't really want to die -- you just want those terrible, terrible feelings to stop. If someone said, "You could pull this switch and these feelings would stop and you'd feel happy and energized and fine," you'd pull the switch, wouldn't you? Just to see. So please remember that you DON'T want to die. You want to feel better. You DESERVE to feel better. You've clearly been dealt a bad hand and you've gone through a lot of hard, painful, awful things. You deserve help climbing out of this terrible abyss. Please look up a suicide hotline in your area and call it. The people there will know what resources there are in your area to get you help as fast as possible. The bad news is that there is no instant way to feel totally better. The good news is that it CAN get better, little by little, with appropriate help so that you know how to keep these feelings from ever overwhelming you again. And so that one day you will look back and think, "Thank goodness I didn't give way to my destructive impulses, because I love my life." I know it seems as if there is no hope. That is the disease talking, not reality. Part of the disease of depression is that it distorts your thoughts so that you think thinks are hopeless, eternal, and inescapable. *It is not true.* That is just what the disease would like you to think! But it's as wrong as looking at the world through a red filter and thinking that the world has suddenly caught on fire. Treatment will help you detach from the filter. Please call and get help right away. If you feel that you're going to hurt yourself, go to the emergency room and say, "I feel suicidal, keep me from doing anything to myself." But first, please do call to get help. I know it's hard. If for some reason the first place you try doesn't help you, try other places. Please, please take care of yourself. You are valuable.

3604 days ago

Please get help right away. It is indeed a good idea that you wrote this site. You do want help or you would not of asked, even in the around it way you did.

Please, understand, you deserve to be happy. All of those people who treated you badly are not worth it, and you deserve to be happy and you are definitely worth it.

Please go to the emergency room as soon as possible. No one can make you go, but we all want you to do so. We all want you happy, healthy, and living to 180.

You can talk to me here, or on PsychCentral either way.



3598 days ago

Life is defintely worth living, do not listen to this disease that distorts all the beauty and joy that life offers. With the right help, you will begin to silence those ugly voices that are robbing you of the beauty and joy we all deserve so much. I can feel your desire to be happy and would love to see that happen for you. Sarah, please get help, don't let this disease also rob your family and friends of all the beauty and joy that is in you just yearning to come out. God Bless...

3060 days ago
you need to separate from your mother completely. first and foremost. she is wrong and was 100% wrong for what she did to you. your father is a loser. you are not responsible for ANY of this. they should kill themselves, not you! you need to get through college and concentrate on school now. find a therapist you are comfortable with. take your medication. talk it out. you need to do what YOU are comfortable with. put yourself around positive people and places. you are an adult now and need to TAKE CHARGE FULLY. when you turn 18 - don't think of it as the day you are supposed to be gone - SAY "THIS IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF MY LIFE AND I AM TAKING CONTROL NOW! I AM AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN WHO MADE IT!!!!!" and then just keep going! graduate college and get a good job!

3060 days ago
and you deserve the VERY best. stop saying those horrible things. start thinking positive and watch the good come to you! i promise it will but you have to start today! you have a birthday coming up to celebrate!!!!!

2844 days ago
Every person has a story to tell. Sometimes it's just a bend... not the end. Therefore, in my opinion, we need to push forward everyday and not give up without a fight. It is important not to quit, even when we are pressed down by our negative experiences. Finally, it's our effort, the sum of all our experiences, and of course our own decisions in situations, that define our lives. The rest, is all just our own individual interpretations of what we perceive to be real.

2779 days ago
Sarah, there is a purpose to which you were created for. You have not found it yet but it is there. There are two forces in the earth: love and fear. Fear has been your best friend up until now because you are wrapped up in shame which lets fear have it's way. Shame to be you, shame to be alive, shame that your parents did not love you as they should have. You have taken it all upon yourself. It is not yours to carry. There is One who loves you, Sarah. Talk to Him. He is real. He did not put these things upon you. It is not your fault. But you can recover and go forward if you can get some help today to shake off the chains of the past and get free from your addictions.