Hello- I am a 25 year old female living back with my parents after realizing i I am a 25 year old female living back with my parents after realizing i needed to pay off some debt trying to save for a while for a nest egg to live on during my first year of law school, here back at my parents is making me insane, ended a relationship that i was stoked on bc my parents interference, and my mothers constant disapproval in my ear, and my fathers critics and ill will toward both my mother and myself is eating away at me daily, now the depression set in again and i'm really at an all time low, missing the times i was happy, mourning them more or less. turned 25 last month feeling old, hopeless and no interests in anything i used to enjoy, my old manic depression is showing and now i need a xanax just to not lay in bed and cry all day...i know seeing a therapist would help but they just seem to always tell me the same things which are that i have low self worth and need to appreciate myself more. i wont kill myself but i def have to admit i am afraid of how relieving the thought is, sorry if this is a ? already asked, would appreciate a response either way.


3762 days ago
I think if you are super uncomfortable living at your parents house, perhaps find a way to get another place to live, even though that would add to your stress. To me, it would depend on which was the worst: living with your parents, or not having some extra spending money and possibly having to get a job.

Could you live with friends?

How do you get the xanax? The therapist would be a good recommendation yes. If you do go see one, and they tell you the same old, same old, you can find a new one as well.

You really do need to see one, or at least have someone to talk to about the issues going on with you.

Here are some anxiety websites to look into that may help you: http://psychcentral.com/resources/Anxiety_and_Panic/

At least with the relationship, if you moved out, you could maybe rekindle it? I really hope things get better for you. Is there a close friend you can talk to about things going on at home?

Keep us informed...I really hope things get better for you.


3719 days ago
I would surely try and find another arrangement for living while you regroup your finances. Going for a law degree, I'm impressed! You know, part of becoming a successful professional is growing through these types of living issues. It isn't the end of the world, arguing parents, but if they are trouncing your spirit, then even living in a tent in the local campgrounds would free you from that!

You have lofty goals, and now are being forced to become grounded first. It isn't easy, but certainly doable!

Good wishes.