Hi all! Does anyone know of any resources other than a "bright light" for the Seasonal Affective Disorder? I do not suffer from it too much, especially near the beginning of the winter season. However; when it gets to be around late January or early February and it is cold and dark and snowy--I get a bit more depressed.

What are some effective treatments you have used, if any?



3830 days ago
I might recommend Psych Central's Seasonal Affective Disorder center for information about alternative treatments:


Light therapy and exercise are two main things to give it a go. You can get SAD full-spectrum lights now for $30-40, and they really do work. Keeping active is especially important (and challenging!) during the winter months.

3809 days ago
I think I actually read this answer awhile ago at Dr John's site. To do with getting in touch with nature

by going to parks and walking barefoot on grass. It works

for me. I also make a point of touching plants.I guess

their texture and get surprised when they are soft if I think they will be rough and so forth. I try to smell roses

and pat dogs and cats. These things really help me,at least

temporarily. Sometimes I prefer to darken a room and sometimes lighten a room.It depends. + SAD for me happens Summer and Autumn rather than Winter or Spring.But Spring brings hayfever lol. Kind wishes Jjvuv

3802 days ago
Thanks for your answers, and Jjvuv, I hope your hayfever will get better :)

3791 days ago
thanks Clyde it is summer in Australia

so no hayfever.But S>A>D presently.Am applying

suggestions. Ta.

2969 days ago
Hi Clyde, how did you do this winter? Did you find other helps to get your through easier? (((hug)))