As many may have heard, there is no point of living if you really can not feel alive. It is quite unfair to say such a thing when you visit the emergencies of many hospitals, possibly people can slaughter you if you walk around a such motion, however, it is not the pain and agony people going through but it is something you feel when you are standing healthy and solid. One may consider it is quite, also religiously, unfair to say such thing where millions are dying to live whatever it takes. Besides they all motives in their live


3596 days ago
Hi Borasayimer,

There is always reasons to live. What do you do to "not" feel alive?

I mean, could you find a hobby, a volunteer job, something that helps you help others and fill up your time that you may feel is empty and meaningless?

Death can happen to anyone, true, but we should always be amazed as life, and be empowered by what we could do.



3588 days ago
" As many may have heard, there is no point of living if you really can not feel alive." Just because people say something, even if they repeat a million times, it doesn't mean it's true.

There are many ways to feel alive, but thinking you aren't feeling it is a misnomer. You might not like how you are feeling, but you are certainly alive.

How do you want to feel? Feelings can be too flexible to base living on, anyway. So what would you like to do with your life, and what things or ways would you use to determine if you have a good life? I think those are better statements/questions, don't you?

Are you wanting to give up? Why not determine what parts of your life you want change in, and what kind of change you want. To say you just want to "feel alive" isn't quite good enough. However, you can learn the art of "mindfulness" and that will surely help you to feel/sense everything you do, and to grow an appreciation for the doing!

Volunteering can help some people realize that their life is valuable. You mentioned the possibility of guilt when you say life isn't worth living and reflect upon those in the hospital who are craving life. When you realize how little another needs from a volunteering soul, it will help you see the value in your life, too.

Best wishes