I don't know exactly what makes me feel so hot tempered all the time. I can be fine one minute but god forbid someone start talking and I'm irritated. If they try to talk to me directly I'm snapping at them. I don't seem to give a care in the world about anything, all I feel I ever say is 'I don't care, what do you just don't get about it? I don't care" no matter what the issue is at hand. I just always want to be left alone and not have to deal with anyone or anything. I pretty much hate people in general! The slightest of things pisses me off and I can't seem to control it. I've realized that I'm far to emotional and will start to get teary eyed while watching certain TV programs. I don't know why, I've taken medication for depression but it just don't work. I can only tolerate people for so long and then my true rude personality comes out and I'm yelling and bitching about things that happened years ago and can't seem to get the thoughts out of my head. I feel like my brain is always racing, like it never stops. It has me to the point I can be fine one minute watching TV by myself and in my head I'm thinking of something and it just sets me off and I'm pissed again. What is wrong with me???


3648 days ago
Dude, this is like looking in a mirror. I'm the same way most of the time and I don't know why, or how, or what. It's like I have no patience with anything except my dog. Don't know about you but I was adopted, and an only child if that has anything to do with it.

I stared with a counselor (for different reasons) last week and mentioned to her that my mind goes a mile a minute and it's like having "road rage" most of the time.

Do you also feel like people are a science experiment gone wrong? Or that the majority of them are just idiots?

Drop me a line

3643 days ago
this dude said about the same exact thing that i was going to say. and my dog is the only one that i can tolerate. everyone else just pisses me off most of the time.

but i think that if you just get to know people and be a LITTLE friendly with them, then you'll get that same love back and it will be easier to tolerate them. this is what i had to do. i have abuot 5-8 friends total and they're about the only people i can deal with for an extended amount of time. even my dad pisses me off most of the time.

and just because...i DO think that the majority of people are just idiots. heh. you probably don't care, but neither do i. i never care about anything... =P

3647 days ago
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3465 days ago
Man this is crazy. i thought i was the only guy on the planet who felt like this. Every day is like a emotional roller coaster. I experience every emotion in one day. Im always hot and irritated all the time. I snap on people also. All i ever want to do is be by myself in my room away from every body. Why do i hate people soo much!? i dont know im just sick of feeling like this it wont go away. Its effecting my school, home life, love life, i dont know what i can do to stop it. I even sometimes get irritated with my self and if it was possible i wish i could get away from my self. I know that sounds crazy but its how i feel. I wonder what causes us to be so irritable all the time?????

3431 days ago

The Anti-Social Personality description provided has nothing to do with the feelings and symptoms they described.

They said they suffer from a feeling that most people are idiots and want to be left alone most of the time--so do I.

It's called Introvertism, and it's not a disorder nor does it mean people are shy--it's a different way of the brain processing information. It means, "I am in introvert. I like you and you're a wonderful person. But now please shush." And sometimes people really are idiots--that's not the fault of the person who recognizes it.

This does not, however, mean that they are violating people's property, doing things repeatedly that would get them arrested, or have a lack of conscience or remorse for pain.

I think you need to get your facts straight before answering.

It is sad that Extroverts tend to push onto Introverts that they are somehow less of a big-hearted, warm person, for feeling this way...the most gifted portion of our populace needs quiet and peace. But unfortunately our society is dominated by Extroverted Politicians and Salesman, and since they're the ones that voice their opinions verbally most often, those are the ones that we hear from.

Thought I'd put my two cents in.


2974 days ago
Wow Im surprised I am NOT the only one who feels like an asshole. I do feel irritated all the time and I do have short patience for stupid people, inconsiderate people, and unfair people. More on the fact that people just except it like that. I just recently got out of a Suicide. I couldnt stand being depressed and irritated like that and feeling like that. It just felt like it was too much. I cant sleep much. People tell me it might be that. I don't take Medication because I know this can be fixed but I just dont know how and I dont wanna be another government puppet on Meds. I do smoke weed and that Helps ALOT. But again I just dont wanna depend on it. I need some advice to Help but someone that knows what theyre talking about I dont want someone thats gonna make me feel better for the moment.


2608 days ago
Thank G-d I'm not the only one who feels this way!!! I don't feel like a loser anymore. I get REALLY pissed off at inconsiderate or stupid people, and I can't let it go. I won't take medication either. I had been on medications, lots, before, it did help with the anxious anger, but then I got really depressed and suicidal. Didn't know antidepressants could do that. Also, I couldn't think clearly or retain very much information. I was always too tired to do anything. Really sucked. Anyway, I am convinced that part of my problem is never being nurtured. My parents, and most of the people in my family are very abusive jerks. I cut them out of my life. I'm not happy that I allowed myself to be beat down by this bullshit to the point that I haven't achieved much of anything in my life. I'm already 35, and feel like it's too late for me. I don't want to have kids while poor, so by the time I'm old enough, the eggs will be dried up. I also feel that I am introverted, can't accept people for who they are (stupid is usually genetic and should be pittied), and am not happy in my own life and feel powerless to change it. I don't want to have fist fight people to be treated with courtesy or respect, but there's a lot of those ignorant assholes out there that need that. It's not them, it's me. I want to be validated and respected by people. People do what they do,a nd we can't control that. Their asshole actions affect us, but aren't directed at us as a personal attack, most of the time. Honestly, I don't want to get my ass kicked or get thrown in jail for kicking someone's ass, just because they don't have enough self worth to be courteous or whatever their problem is. I just wish I could get my shit together.

I hate dwelling on things that have already transpired.

I worked with some people who were ignorant sorry pieces of shit. The women constantly competing with me, and being overtly rude and confrontational. They violated my privacy, wouldn't do their job if I was involved. I was soooooo angry about it. Still am. I would love to go back and kick some ass. I didn't, I walked away.

I keep telling myself that I don't want to be known for losing control at work and beating down some ignorant assholes. I really think that would only prove that I have a mental disorder, not make me a badass. I can't stand for people to tear me down in any way. I can't stand it!! I don't want to be this person, but I don't know how go about making it better. It does make me feel a hell of a lot better to know that I am not the only one struggling with this.

2905 days ago
guys ... its pretty much amazing that we all do feel the same way "IRRITATED ,FRUSTRATED , ANGRY"..I too think that ,,actually i believe that many ,..almost everyone is sucker on this planet ...sometimes i think of destroying everyone,..nearly everything on this planet except nature..i am pretty much a nature lover and i think that it is holding my anger ...i always keep on thinking of making a virus and destroy everyone...i have three best friends,..best of best...but sometimes i hate them too..they make me irritate.i nearly had fight with everyone..in my school days i had fight with 90% of students in my class.in my street i got fight with nearly 99% of people...in my college 1st and 2nd year i faught with 80% of classmates...its all b'coz i get angry soon ,..and i hate mankind...really man ....life sucks...i don't know what u all think of me...maybe i am extreme case..

2848 days ago
MINE IS MORE AN EXTREME CASE. sometimes i think that all the people i see just stupid idiots who is nothing to think but just to enjoy their lives and goin out to streets, bar then have sex and fukc around like snails. the no.1 problem in our country(phil) is poverty, then they blame the government and people who can lend money on them when they dont got something, those people are real idiots because they let their fukcing feeling & fukc around when they dont know the consequences. that's it. Really hate people here in our country. Sometimes my mind tries to sort out that all the process of Human Society IS JUST SUCK! why? they bore childs where they can't grow them properly. they fukc around just for entertainment(really hate bitches) like they dont respect their body anymore just for the sake of temporary goodness. and then? when they got accidentally pregnant. they rush to abortionist and pray to the LORD O MIGHTY and hoping for forgiveness. and when they feel well(that they where forgiven?)they go back to their effing old habit. lovers quarreled each other and when they broke up? another partner another bitch, another asshole. Leaders are idiots and so the people around..WE KEEP ON FOOLING EACH OTHER. I come to think too that the nature and animals are far more intelligent than humans, or having more self common sense than any other idiot around. Coz why? observe them they got something that humans lacks off. That's why THIS WORLD FULL OF IDIOTIC SNAILS ARE SHITS!. ~they are not humans for me anymore.

2797 days ago
i figured out why i am irritated with people so much. this is me personally. i always seem to snap on people and get violent sometimes too. its mostly because i felt people were dumb or naive. i told myself cause i dont like dumb people and stupidity. but i snap on this 12 year old mentally slow kid that lives with me all the time. and there are people i have great relationships with and care about people a whole lot. so i had to dig deeper. i figured out my brother was the same way. i couldnt tolerate him when i was younger either. i loved him but i just couldnt stand him. and i associated that with this little boy. so i had to think. i work as a cashier and there are customers i just couldnt stand. older black ladies. bad ass kids. dumb teenagers. all things i related to people in my past. foster parents foster siblings. mexicans, blacks and whites and asians. didnt matter what race i lived with them all. i mostly already judged them before i knew them. i relate to my best friends now because they didnt have it good growing up. so thats why my connections with them are strong. you probably relate to animals and feel for them cause you cant compare them to people. they could never hurt you or talk shit to you. hit you or maybe never even betray you. depending on what kind of dog you have. just dig deeper people you probably really find the answer you are looking for in your past.

like i said this is me and my experience other people may feel differently why they feel or do the things they do. this is just me so maybe someone can relate.

2759 days ago
I used to get like that. I still do. Spent my whole life hating people, then when I do build up a friend group, I start to see their faults and think I am better than them. The impression I am getting is it is all tied to depression in someway. If I get rid of the anxiety, the blues may set in. If I have a really good day, I'm likely to crash and burn the next day. I think it has to do with emotions and feelings you might not necessisarily notice. Things like jealousy. I've found that when i'm happy with who I am and where i'm heading, the rest doesnt' matter so things are less likely to irritate you. Sure you may have small irritations, but that's normal to some degree, the impression I get is that its nature. If you aren't happy with yourself, and don't know where your headed. You will get jealous of others cause you are always seeing what they have and what they are doing (and what they are not doing). But when you have a purpose and a direction, you notice these things, but their actions don't irritate you as much because you realise it doesn't matter in the big scheme of things. I get irritated so much it effects my health. I have always had stomach problems, and they get worse when I get stressed and annoyed, But when I finally relax, keep busy, and focus on what I want instead of what I don't have and what didn't happen, everything falls into place. I know this all in theory and would love to hear other peoples opinions on this. It's the action, the forming of new habits that I have problems with. I think this is what religions try to teach. Being aware of your feelings and finding a way to keep in balance. I just wish I could relax enough to poop everyday. lol.

2748 days ago
I feel very irritated by everything and people too much. I am not fulfilled in my marriage and have tried hundreds of times to get through to my mate but I've come to accept that I just feel lonely and cranky. I can't stand the morons at my job. They are so lazy and nasty and they caused my best friend, confidant, colleague, traveling partner's death by heart attack with their nasty lazy sneaky undermining attitude. Now I can only tolerate my dogs. The thing that really kills me is that I was married very young to my teenage school boyfriend who evolved to be a cranky introverted unhappy soul. I left him because he was so negative and sour. He made me so very depressed.

Now, I am him! I don't want to go out ever because now, since I married an extrovert, his "showing off" irritates me so much. Be careful what you wish for! I don't know what to do. Everything bugs me and crawls under my skin. I try exercising regularly but don't find it's enough.


2748 days ago
Gman42. Just read your thoughts and could relate to what you were saying. Having such an irritating day here at work and wanted to thank you for your final words......"wish I could poop"...

Needed the laugh!

2729 days ago
I've just found this page and it's like reading my life story! I'm at the point where being me is messing up my life, @Troubled and @noone I can so relate to what you both say!

So are we just Introverts or do we have some underlying mental health problem? I'm at the end of my tether, my brother was just the same as me and he committed suicide when he was 40! And I'm 37 next, I don't want to end up like him and I kind of wish I was like everyone else in this world.

2446 days ago
"So are we just Introverts or do we have some underlying mental health problem?"

Wish I knew. I would LOVE a quick fix. My uncle is a psychologist and he tells me I am an introvert and not to question it or figure it out ~ just to accept it.

I am so frustrated all the time that I find i don't want to leave my home. Albeit it is a lovely home on a lake... I can't stand to see other people get drunk and party on the lake, or park cars in front of my house when partying down the street. NOW, even being home is starting ot be a problem

2724 days ago
I thought i was the only person that felt this way..! I hate the fact i cant make friends for a long time..! after a certain period of time, they just seem to annoy me! I get PISSED Off at people, often for minor things. my mind is always racing even when im doing things i enjoy. I would love to keep people in my life, because the people that i have around me really care about me and i can see that, but i always for some reason push them away! This has caused me great distance from family and potential lifelong friends and lovers. Ive been treated for depression but it seems as if nothing is helping. I also hate the fact that my mood bounces around all over the place some days, and then other days i can be just fine. People dont deserve that kind of treatment from me. Its funny how i get a high from feeling this way. I go off on people and push them away then turn around and become sad because im lonely. Im planning on going to another dr. for an evaluation because i just want to be lke everyone else. Without music, i probably would have committed suicide by now.

2660 days ago
OMG. I have felt the same way for years and years. Exactly. I feel as if I wrote the original message myself. I think of things in the past that I may or may not have brought up before but and I get so angry and resentful, my teeth clench every time I hear my sweet 7 year old say "MOM?" or my husband asks me "what's wrong?" or even "what are you doing?" I feel like I just don't care about anything anymore and I have very little motivation to anything at all. Nothing is enjoyable anymore. My husband is at his wits' end with me and has said that if I don't get help then he's done trying. I feel at a loss. I'm scared to death some doctor is just going to just throw me on pills and there I'll stay whether I feel better or not. I've been a homemaker since my third son was born 9 months ago. It's what I've wanted all along but I feel like now that I have it I can't enjoy it and I can't do all the things I wanted to do with my home time because I can't force myself to do anything worth while with my darling little boys. My family deserves better. I even tried essential oils. Nothing has helped. I've been diagnosed with different things, from depression to bi-polar disorder to hypoglycemic, yet no antidepressant has really done the trick and I'm terrified of "mood stabilizers". can anyone help?

2596 days ago
I am late in reading this. I just typed into google "why am I aggravated all the time"--this website popped up. I feel exactly the same way. I am on facebook and I feel like I hate everyone on it. All the stupid comments--it isn't jealousy, I can get into too. I just think it's dumb. Lately everyone has annoyed me. I find it hard to be around anyone except my bulldog. I am married--that's okay, but the one of the reasons for our success is that we are not together all the time. I used to be different. I was never really outgoing, but I had a better outlook. I seem to hate everything except working out and the prospect of finishing school so I can do what I really want to do which is ironically become a therapist. I am not suicidal or depressed---just annoyed. My brother and law cheated on his wife for the second time--we thought they were going to split up, at least for awhile. He flaunts his "girlfriend" around, then I hear he and his wife are back together. That annoyed me. I know it is none of my business, but I feel like smacking her for being stupid. At least take time to work it out! My husband went to a super bowl party tonight. I just didn't want to go. I would not have been good company. I don't know what is wrong with me. Can anyone shed light? I am 35, no kids, keep in pretty good shape, good relationship with parents, job I hate, but good job, okay relationship with my husband, other than that, I don't want to do much but hand out with my bulldog. Totally lost. Thanks for reading my rambling. I had to get it out.

2595 days ago
I have been the same way my entire life. It has got alot worse as I have gotten older. I am a B*tch everyday, I hate stupidity and I call everyone an idiot. I have several close friends but I can not even be by them for too long without getting agitated. But the only difference with me is I have extreme highs too! I can go for a couple of days in a row happy as heck running around like I am on something and in the blink of an eye, I am back to hating everyone. It sucks to be like this.

2594 days ago
I am sort of happy I am not the only one that feels this way. I don't feel so weird. However, I am not happy other people are going through the same anger and pain. I do feel I have less patience as I get older. It's also that I feel I have no real outlet anymore. Childhood was great--teenage years were fun--and my 20's were basically partying. So, when anything got rough I new I would have something fun around the corner. Now, I feel like I hit a wall. Maybe because I did not have kids and I have a not so great situation at home with my husband. And not to mention I hate my job. I am back at school trying to rectify that. Also, I get so sick of people saying "at least you have a job" or "it could be much worse" i am very aware of that. I know. But emotionally it doesn't help. Things can always be worse. I am sorry I am going on and on. All that probably accounts for my crappy attitude.

2592 days ago
yeah me too, I went on antidepressant for years they only numbed me out and made me depressed--put me into several suicide attempts in my teenage years-- everything lost taste--- i became alcoholic for years my breakfast was vodka shots-- this numbed me too and made me really careless and very unfriendly got into lotsa trouble been to jail couple of times for destroying properties and assaults on idiots who cant mind their own biz, been in many car crashes and survived a fatal one that put me in a coma with a broken neck...I only smoke weed now... it really helps keep my shit together.. but NOT enough! i cant figure out why i'm so irritated all the time! I have a nice Mercedes(which i dont drive much because i dont want to go out) a job that i hate but pays good--I have 4 people workin for me and they irritate the hell out of me--i snap at them some days--I fear one day they will come together and beat me up!, healthy body and shape I enjoy good food/ music and decent arts--- I'm basicaly a lucky person! I hate that i cant keep any friends and i'm so alone-- everyday people bore the hell out of me-- i try my best to be nice to them but it irritate me even more--- how can i make all this noise in my head stop? and for once be able to enjoy being alive!

2586 days ago
hi, im glad i tumbled on this site to see many of my kind here. i was just trying to search for an answer why i feel exactly the same way as you guys described and i found this site.

however, i can see that many early posts has been years ago. too bad, i wish we could all talk about ourselves and maybe somehow we could find an answer about what's common to all of us which could be the reason why we are like this and hopefully get a solution for it.

i do think i need to find a way to control this because it really affects my life a lot.

if anybody is interested to share and discuss things about this, please email me at [email protected]

hope to hear more from you guys. i'll be looking forward to see more posts in this thread.


2586 days ago
by the way, i just want to share that i tried to do a little research on this issue and i found that introversion or extroversion has nothing to do with it because such social preference is not necessarily linked to how irritated and angry we are.

however, it may sound unreliable to some but i was thinking could it be possible that it has a lot to do with our birth characteristics, natal charts, or celestial characteristics? something i also stumbled and i thought it may also be possible >>> http://www.cafeastrology.com/jupitertransits.html

on science point of view, i thought it has a lot to do on being too stressed, overly responsible, over loaded, pressured, busy, and most of all, less exercise (esp aerobics) and poor diet.

this is because i usually feel a better control when i am in good physical condition. i think exercise refreshes our brain, blood vessels, heart, and lungs, to minimize the extreme emotions that we have. we may think of the same thing but it doesnt necessarily mean we will also feel the same way.

please let me know your thoughts about this.

2486 days ago
ive been unhappy for as long as i can remember. after starting collage things got worse and now I am always irritated and snappy to my family. little things set me off and if im not yelling at them, then i mumble "i dont know" to all of their comments, or i just dont answer them at all. i try to avoid other people outside of my family because i dont want them to see that im depressed. I try to cool down by driving around or working out, but I cant stop the aggrivation. usually a shower makes me feel better, but now im even crying during them. sometimes if im doing something and i zone out, ill automatically recount situations that made me angry or ill make up other confrontational scenarios. i dont even realize its happening and i feel like i cant escape from it. I feel angry about everything: I'm too fat, not pretty, no confidence, chase away friends, not doing well in my major and now i have to switch, cant get anythign done ect... and then i turn it on other people, become really jealous that they have all the things that i dont, and i begin to hate them intensely. this hatred is consuming me and because i lock myself away in my room so much, when i actually encounter other people, the hatred is so much stronger. Im tired of this. Im tired of always feeling tired, like i dont have energy. even when im not feeling angry or jealous, im too tired to see people. i wish i felt as passionately about having friends or something else as i do about hating other people.

2486 days ago
oh ya, and i seem to disregard everyone elses opinion. it just bothers me when people talk about something with confidence, like theyre so sure theyre right. its pretty sad that i cant even stand it when my grandparents give me advice. Everything bothers me, but i seem to not be bothered by the fact that i have a strong opinion too. everyone else is stupid - until i hear myself outside of my own thoughts, and then i realize that i was simply imagining myself as something else. its too hard to actually face reality, and when i actually have to, it sucks. thats probably why im more agitated than ever - im growing up and i cant hide anymore

2450 days ago
Am i the only one here who is a girl and feeling this? you all seem to be guys. Anyways, back in school i hated everyone, didn't want friends, didn't want to fit in, didn't want to be bothered even by the damn stupid teachers. And still, i feel really irritated all the time, every little thing, especially at dinner time, i don't want to eat with them, them chewing with their mouths open, talking, staring at me for not saying anything, commenting on how i am eating, and when i try to watch something everyone talks through it yet they yell at me when i say something. I have given up watching T.V. at all, now i just read. Life has been nothing but a bitter disappointment and the only one who does not annoy me is my cat. I have a hard time believing anything anyone says and though i feel alone i still can't bring myself to trust anyone, and i want to be left alone........but do i? i just don't know anymore, and i am so ANGRY all the time, i can't even believe i am opening up to a bunch of strangers out there who might be having a laugh.

2446 days ago
Hey TimberNightSong... I am female. I feel this way and have for quite some time. I am a flight attendant and appear to be very nice and polite while I am working. BUT,I despise all of the passengers. I am extra polite and they can't even say please or thank you. Makes me so angry,

I even find that I am angry at how people dress. Either sloppy or slutty and I think they are disgusting. While shopping I find that I cant stand they way people park their grocery carts in the center of the aisle with no regard to other shopper and I say things to them. One day I will probably be shot. I have called over the top of merchandise... Please answer your child or I have said to them rude things like "Wish you would have left your screaming child at home"... or "Get A Babysitter next time"

I even find I get irritable when people drag their heels or slap their flip flops... I find it disrespectful of others..

This is the weird part... It is not like I think I am perfect! I see each and every flaw with me. But Everyone flaws irritate me. I cant stand to be with other people very long and no waaay do I want to get trapped in a car with them I always want to drive and meet on the few occasions where I will agree to go out.

The only place I want to be is here at home. Looking at the lake. Working in my yard or hiking with my dog. My dog is the most wonderful PERSON there is!!! hahahah

2446 days ago
Hey TimberNightSong... I am female. I feel this way and have for quite some time. I am a flight attendant and appear to be very nice and polite while I am working. BUT,I despise all of the passengers. I am extra polite and they can't even say please or thank you. Makes me so angry,

I even find that I am angry at how people dress. Either sloppy or slutty and I think they are disgusting. While shopping I find that I cant stand they way people park their grocery carts in the center of the aisle with no regard to other shopper and I say things to them. One day I will probably be shot. I have called over the top of merchandise... Please answer your child or I have said to them rude things like "Wish you would have left your screaming child at home"... or "Get A Babysitter next time"

I even find I get irritable when people drag their heels or slap their flip flops... I find it disrespectful of others..

This is the weird part... It is not like I think I am perfect! I see each and every flaw with me. But Everyone flaws irritate me. I cant stand to be with other people very long and no waaay do I want to get trapped in a car with them I always want to drive and meet on the few occasions where I will agree to go out.

The only place I want to be is here at home. Looking at the lake. Working in my yard or hiking with my dog. My dog is the most wonderful PERSON there is!!! hahahah

2446 days ago
I'm a female too...I hate anything and everyone...even myself If i am thinking better...I can't be happy,I always find something to bother me or annoy me.I try to discover wtf it's going on with me.I think it has to be a cause of all of this,but I don't know how to find it.If it's a problem it has to be a solution...And it's true,the "older" I become,the irritated,frustrated,hateful person I am.Now I try to find if emotional intelligence workshops will help.I'll let you know if i'd find something helpful for all of us.

2446 days ago
I guess I want help. I don't wish to be an agry bitch all the time. I don't hate myself. I love being alone and unbothered. I can be happy all day puttering around my home and yard. I get irritated when the phone rings and it only rings maaybe once or twice a week. It is like an interuption to my life. I only take the calls as a sense of obligation and then I oput on my pretend to be happy to hear from them face. It is not real. I consider almost everyone an iontrusion to my peaceful tranquil little life. That is why I do not like to leave home. It impinges on my state of well being. Seems like so many rude, nasty people in the world.

2446 days ago
Even this site has exasperated me. I cant figure out how to find the same thread again...

2304 days ago
i am female and googled tonight why i am always so irritated and i found this thread i thought i was the only one like this also.

My friends and family always comment about me being moody all the time, feeling so angry and i think i probably come across as being damn right rude.

People annoy me like really annoy me i think most people are idiots talk shit when they really dont need to talk at all, and do not have manners or respect for others,

I am constantly being asked what is wrong with me when i just want to be left alone.

I lived with my last boyfriend and we fell out all the time he couldnt understand me and i felt like he was invading my space.

I love my friends and family to bits but i spend half of the time with them wanting to scream at them and tell them to shut up.

i am so happy that i have found out about Introverts as i can now understand and try to make people understand that they need to back off.

I cant live with this anger and irritation much longer something has to give. I have seen counsellors and psychiatrists before and have been fed different anti depressants and not one worked for me.

2297 days ago
Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts even though this thread started a long while ago. I'm from the U.K and just found this through Google. I am a married 34 yr old female and can say I feel all of the above that you describe. I have a house, a husband a dog and no kids yet. I am increasingly feeling isolated and irritated by almost every human contact I have. I feel it stops me from having a normal life - or what other people portray their lives as. Even time with family leaves me desperate to jump in the car and feel the breeze on my face. I sometimes fantasise about living just with my dog in the mountains somewhere instead of scratching around in suburbia putting up with work and relationships. I am a police officer which probably doesnt help because of shift work and seeing the worst in life and people. I sometimes have terrible thoughts that some people dont deserve to exist, they just procreate incessantly reproducing more and more humans who will waste their lives and ruin others along the way. My feeling down and disappointed with people and general day to day life must be horrible for my husband as I am so dark and quick to criticise bubbly cheerful people. What annoys me is that I can smell fakeness a mile off but have the inability to go along with it. My mind is a constant highway of emotions, flutters of pain and joy, regret, disappointment and exhaustion at always feeling out of tune with the rest of society. I dont know what the answer is and I feel like I'm on a runaway train heading for the longest of tunnels so I have this constant urge to jump off - to be somewhere else, alone with nature and beauty and away from everyday desperation to be this, have that, go there, do this. I would love to throw water in people's faces and say "Hey get over yourself, open your eyes!". Facebook? yes I am on it but despising it and everyone on it by the second.... I take some enjoyment from this! Listen guys, we're the ones conscious of our minds as dark and grumpy as they are. The others live in a waking dream....

2225 days ago
I'm a female too an I get extremely irritated by the smallest things. The sound of people chewing food, the sound people make when they txt on their keyboard, literally anything . But what I absolutely hate the most is when people are loud and obnoxious and pass off as being perfect.

I also look at every flaw about myself and it really pisses me off to see people extremely happy while the rest of us are struggling. My brain fells like it's going crazy but I'm one of those people that just their emotions bottled up & that's gives me a lot of anxiety. Makes me feel like I can't trust or confide with anybody. I hate getting irritated all the time. All I ever want to do is stay at home with my dog.

2225 days ago
I know what u mean... I don't know how old u are or what Ur life is but if there is a local bjj gym and offer classes for girls do it!! It will be the best thing u can do for urself... I use to be a Nazi racist miserable Fuck in Jr high and hs... 6 years later I'm on tv.. try it promise it will change Ur life :)

2209 days ago
So I exercise, I have quiet time and I still get so irritated with people.

I hate shopping because people just piss me off, the idiot who walks to slow, the one who can't just pick out their stuff and be done with it...so on and so on.

I think that some people just ask stupid questions or request stupid things. I think that some people have no common sense and that annoys the crap out of me. Does this make me a bad person or parent. Today I was dealing with an idiot who post payments to my loans incorrectly. I had to just tell them that I was getting irritated so just fix the account how I wanted because I seem to get "nasty mouthed" when I get irritated and I would call them back. I hate being such a bitch all the time.

I have 6 kids, (4 step and two bio) and a husband who is out of town....sometimes I just want to scream "are you people fucking crazy" (or is it me) Use common sense for hell sakes! I don't think meds would help and I wouldn't take them anyway.

2179 days ago
All of these problems are symptoms of chemical imbalance. Do you experience head aches sometimes? The morning may be the best time of your day, but as the day progresses you may become more irritated and feel 'strange'. You may become very irritated by totally innocent behavior on the part of your spouse/partner or co-workers. Additionaly your ability to concentrate will be impaired. These very well could be related to blood sugar and vitamin deficiencies. McDonald's may make you feel good for about 30 minutes, but then you will crash hard. Pay attention to how you feel shortly after eating poor foods or going for a period of time with too little water or exercise.

If this sounds like symptoms you are experiencing there could be several changes that will relive you of them. More water intake and fewer soda/fruit juice. Better diet and exercise. Vitamins.

All of these things were helpful for me, and believe me, I know EXACTLY what everyone here is talking about. You are not the only one who is feeling this way.

2154 days ago
i get irritated all the time ever since i entered Law School..

2066 days ago
I'm irritated for reasons I feel are frivolous..latest one is..My girlfriend has seen almost all tourist spots in london with her male colleague during her internship, before my visit due next week..this irritates me as I wanted to explore it with her and now the experience will be like going out with a guide..this has lowered my excitement levels to the extent that she thinks I'm not interested in visiting her..I am considered mature and understanding, yet I'm acting so childish..I feel anger and seek vengeance..If I had it my way, I would ignore her while I'm there and go out with someone else like she did..I know what I feel is incorrect but how do I feel better about things..fantasizing vengeance makes me feel even more irritated..

1993 days ago
Knowledge in my opinion is part of the reason why alot of the posters above are tormenting themselves....learned experiences have created a response which is unfortunately negatively impacting ....example 'The idiot in front drives like the idiot I was behind last week'...yet its a different car and person ALBEIT mentally and physically my response is the same...internally I think alot of the above have given up waiting for an outcome and jumped on the assumption bandwagon . Patience ,tolerance with a sprinkling of positivity offer the best hope of a cure here rather than drugs and or exercise...try to understand that others are patient and tolerant of others at the worst of times and that if they can do it so surely can we...my thoughts anyway..longtime sufferer of imbeciles and prats etc....only thing is my thinking was inconsiderate and selfish..yeah been there...still am from time to time...but am trying to be a more tolerant and patient personality...,.keep the shiny side up folks....Stress kills dont let it get you......PEACE is the word ...lol

1911 days ago
Wow, I am so glad I found this thread.

It's a relief that I'm not the only person in the world who has to go through this. I, like most of the people who have posted on this, get mad at the smallest of things. A lot of the time I'm even a hypocrite about it. I get so mad at people who will do certain things even though I do them also. It takes every ounce of my being to not flip out on people for being so damn annoying because I'm aware that things that are annoying to me aren't annoying to everybody else in the world. I just can't stand how stupid and naive (most) people are... Everything from their snark remarks to the noises the excess noises they make when they're yawning. The only living thing that I can actually tolerate is my dog. It is EXHAUSTING being so annoyed at everything. Literally mentally draining. I am truly a rude person so it seems. I mean, why else would I be so judging and irritable all the time? I'm very good at masking it though. The only people I can't help but flip on is my family, probably because I'm so close to them so I figure they'be gotten use to it by now. It's not like everybody wants to piss me off, it just happens. I know that the world's plan isn't to annoy the shit out of me, but it seems like it considering everything anybody says makes me angry/annoyed. I have one good friend and luckily I haven't pushed her away yet. I can only take people for so long until I start uncovering their flaws and judging them. They all get annoying eventually. It makes me so insecure being the way I am because it makes me wonder: If I judge everybody this way, do other people judge me like this? It's so hard to change your thought process when you're like this, practically impossible. I truly fear being like this forever, I don't want to end up alone because I can't stand anybody, you know? I mean I hate people but I like a good discussion every now and then.