I've found that I don't care about anybody I'm around, including those I have grown up with and lived with my whole life. When my uncle died (who lived with us for a little while) I didn't feel anything at all. I never say "I love you" to my mother because that would be lying to her. The thought of anybody in my life right now being seriously injured or dying doesn't really affect me at all, but I know it should and I know it is wrong because society tells me it is. I would never harm someone else because I know it's wrong, but I can't bring myself to love someone else. This extends even into "friends" I've had my whole life. I still live the act though.


3551 days ago
Hi there...

Some people do have this disorder where they feel detached from others and do not feel much emotion.

I would discuss this with my GP or MD as soon as possible and see if they could send you to someone.



3550 days ago
Hello, I am wondering several things that might help clarify your situation. Do you feel like it has always been like this, in other words, do you Consistently not feel emotions toward others? Or do you remember a time in the past where you did respond emotionally? If you have felt warm emotions in the past, but not lately, it could be a symptom of, say, depression, rather than a true lack of caring for others. Have you ever felt strong positive emotions toward, say a favorite pet, or something more abstract like a beautiful sunset or song... in other words do you feel moved emotionally by Anything, or is it mainly People who are difficult to relate to? These are things you can consider when you do talk to someone, as Clyde suggested. It could be reassuring to be able to get a better grasp of what's going on. Hope that helps a little.

3550 days ago
I remember loving my ex, but that is about it.

I remember my dad killed himself when I was 9 or 10, and everyone was crying. My eyes were a bit wet but I didn't really feel bad. When I found out one of my uncles had permanent brain damage I didn't feel anything, my grandpa had cancer I didn't feel anything, my mom broke her elbow because I wasn't around to help her I didn't feel anything.

It's been like this for many years at least. I don't think my respond 8-9 years ago was normal at all. People think I'm a completely normal person though, and think I'm really caring and nice but I don't really feel it. Sometimes I'm relieved at things I shouldn't be. I don't care about abstract things, or pets.

3550 days ago
Hi again, these answers are things you can consider including when you are able to talk with a psychologist, as well as if you think you are experiencing any other "unusual" problems. (For example, you might condisder some of the following: do you find yourself "obsessing" in your thinking, do you have trouble dealing with change, do you tend to "fixate" on certain behaviors and interests, do you ever feel pleasure from any activities, even if they may be "different" than what most people mind enjoy, or does it seem you are unable to feel Any emotions, good or bad...) I you I do believe that there is good potential for improvement in this area since you have such a high level of self-awareness and you are able to relate in a caring manner socially to others even if you don't "feel" it. And you state you DID feel love for your ex. I think that means deep down that you DO care. It could be many things. I hope you will be brave and check it out with a professional. I wish you the best.

3118 days ago
Wow! i am seriously the same way. you pretty much nailed it. i used to feel though. when i was 8. im 17 now. i think it was due to my uncontrolable anger problem i had when i was younger. where i would attack people for little things and it took 6 ppl to pin me down. i got expelled 6 times for it. and then i went to Aseltine school in down town San Diego. they would have 6 ppl drag you into a green carpeted room and then pin you against the wall and if you keep fighting, they take you to the ground and each person takes a limb with one person on your head and a 250 lb guy named kevin would lay on your back. and remember i was in 2nd and 3rd grade at this school. i could not breath under his weight, but they wouldnt believe me and kept on going. so rather than going back there i decided to control my anger. i did this by ignoring it. eventually i couldnt feel it. but after a while i realized i couldnt feel anything else either. i just feel hollow or empty like a wierd blackhole. i watched my grandpa die of cancer in front of me and it didnt phase me. evry1 else was crying. not me. i had to act sad but inside i wasnt affected. i dont even love my parents. or i cant feel it even though i know i do. and ofcourse they dont believe me. but i really wanna have a girl friend. i just dont want to if i cant love them in return. they dont deserve that. plz help i really wanna know how to get it back.

2869 days ago
this will probably sound completly gay but im 12 and urr i just randomly stopped feeling anything but negative emotions to most people i think im screwed up in the head or sumin but jeez it sucks its like weird knowing you thought you could love someone but then you find out that meh no posotive emotions and just 2 make it worse i get called a freakin emo 4 it

2273 days ago
Thats exactly like me, I'm 15 and I recently realised I dont feel anything for anyone around me. Even though I know I should. It's horrible a boy I really like asked me out but I couldn't do it because I felt so detached from him, I want to feel love for him but I can't. I act like I feel something for my freinds and family when I dont, I don't remember the last time I told someone I loved them and meant it.