kay so five years ago i had a dream that really got to me. MY grandad passed away ten years ago and my dream was about him. IT was strange because it still upsets me.

in my dream its my wedding day, the whole room is kind of out of focus and blurry but i can clearly see my dress and i am standing on the dance floor. Shapes and shadows of people are walking around but i cannot focus in on their faces. I am standing there and all of a sudden i feel a gentle hand on my shoulder. (this may sound weird but i really felt it in the dream), i turn around and its my grandad. i didnt even gasp or cry in the dream, i just put my arms around him and danced. the shadows and shapes were gone around me and it felt like it was just us two. I could feel his clothes, his jacket and his tie, the clothes i remember him wearing when i was a child. I could smell him and when i hugged him i swear i could feel the embrace. Then after what felt like hours he moved away and disappeared through the shaddows. I woke up in tears and i could still smell him and hear his gentle laugh for days after. I know i miss my grandad but what do you think this means? it still upsets me to this day


1986 days ago
Hi there

Just so you know we don't do dream analysis here.

Personally I think your dream was just related missing your grandpa and so you may have been thinking of him a lot or remembering things about him, and this was stored in your subconscious mind and manifest in the dream