Let me just start off by saying that this isn't a short story and in advance, I truly appreciate your response.

Today, I got a letter in the mail from my community college. It said that in order to remain in good standing, a student must achieve and maintain a semester and cumulative 2.0 GPA.

The letter stated that I didn't attain the required 2.0 GPA and therefore, I am being placed on Academic Probation, an action taken by the college to assist students in returning to good academic standings.

Students placed on Academic Probation are required to do the following:

- Meet with an academic advisor to help identify the problem(s) that led to their poor grades, organize and plan your next semester and select appropriate courses to meet their goals.

- Must meet an advisor by January 13, 2011. If I don't meet an advisor by this date, I WILL BE DROPPED FROM ALL MY COURSES.

I can't believe I've done this to myself. Let me rewind and explain:

About two months ago, I was taking four classes: Math, English, Reading and college studies.

One day, I stopped showing up to Math and English. I couldn't handle it for a few reasons: I felt that they were difficult for me; there was a lot of work, and plainly; I just didn't like the classes in general. But most of all, it was difficult to juggle school assignments with my job and my other personal issues.

I haven't been honest with my mother. She would drive me to class every day. And on the days when I had Math or English, I didn't show up to class. I just went to the library with my laptop and tried to organize my thoughts. This lasted for 1-2 months.

I told myself that I needed a fresh start and that next semester will be better, I thought I could get away from this problem by ignoring it. And it worked, until I got this letter.

So here I am -- on probation. I can't believe I did this to myself. And I still haven't told anything to my mother. See -- that's the thing about college. It's not like high school anymore; the school doesn't communicate to you through your parents. And mommy is still driving me to college. For Christ's sake, I'm eighteen years old.

So it is what it is. by January 13, I need to meet with an academic advisor. What the hell am I going to say?

Like I said, the truth is; I dropped out of English and Math because:

1. I thought the work was difficult
2. I felt unable to juggle school assignments, my job, and my personal problems simultaneously
3. And simply, they just made me mad. I didn't want to deal with them. I ran away.

Is that what I should tell the advisor?

I still don't think I can handle 12 credit hours (4 classes)all while working at my job and handling other problems of my own.

I can't believe I did this.


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Hi Nails,

I think you need to be honest with your mother about everything. The problem with lying is, the lies build up and become larger. Do you know what you want to do with your education? Some students end up changing their minds after the 1st year of college/university. Did you tell the college you wanted to drop the courses and if you didn't does this mean you would get a failing grade in those classes - I agree this was a mistake. Yes I think you should meet with them and be honest with your mother. Has she asked you what your grades are?

From all your posts the one constant issue I see is anxiety. I think you're your own worst enemy - the way you felt you couldn't handle school, those classes and your job. Make sure you don't procrastinate about the meeting with the school adviser and being honest with your mother.

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No, Bella. I have no idea what I want to do with my education and it scares the hell out of me not knowing what I want to do for a living.

I didn't tell the college I wanted to drop the courses because I was too far in the semester -- it was too late to drop them. So, I just stopped showing up to class. My complete lack of attendance obviously resulted to failure.

Unfortunately, I have no choice but to meet with an academic advisor. I definitely don't want to do this -- I'm even afraid to.

I won't tell my mother about this. Fortunately, she hasn't asked me about my grades -- at least not yet. When or if she does, I'm just going to tell her I'd rather not say.

I'm thinking about manning up by seeing the advisor and getting this over with.

I am my own worst enemy.

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I need to see an advisor by Jan 13. If I don't, I get dropped from every class I registered for.

I don't know what to do. If I tell my mom I want to see an advisor, she'll take me but she'll probably be there with me and the advisor will explain to her that i haven;t been going to my classes.

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Dear Nails,

My father is a tenured dean at a large Univ. He tells any first year student that a car will be your failure. None of his 8 children had a car their first year of college. Academics is not that scary, so it must be the social settings. Feeling inadequate is something EVERYONE in the world

feels, the beautiful girl and the jock. They on the other hand will not be buying your grociers when your mom stops. Your mom driving you to college is awfully nice of her. Do you know how many kids don't have a mother or a car. Growing up is hard,very hard and your actions prove that you still have a ways to go.Maybe that's why your mom is still driving you around. If

you know in your heart that's it's wrong, why disrespect yourself so? The

only person you set back is you. Your mom will lose the money for the class

but this isn't the first time she's invested in you and gotten a not so much result. It will disapoint her but I'm sure she'll overcome it. If she's nagging at you, it's because she cares and she can't fix it. Not a scrap on the knee that a bandage will fix. We tend to get our defenses up

when we don't know what to do or how to fix something. She probably feels like she didn't do a good enough job raising you, making that mad more at herself it just seems like it's directed towards you. No one in the world loves you more than your mom, trust her. Now, the college counslers are their for exactly what happend to you. The college does not want you to quit, they are an institute of higher learning and everybody associated with it wants to help you. Teachers do not become teachers because the pay

is on the high end of the spectrum. The work is not over your head unless you cheated in high school but getting it is important and if you overloaded yourself (sometimes we fill our plate to full) your mom talking to them might get you a redo for no more money if you honestly explain that

the load was too much and you almost had a break in your pschy, they don't

want your mental health to be effected. Good Luck! To be a grown up, you have to make the decisions like a grown up,but most of all you have to act like one to be treated like one. Responsibility is to freedom as freedom is to being grounded. nanner

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Nails - I understand you don't want to disappoint your mom. I'm a mom and I would rather hear the truth than know my child is hiding a big lie. Please be honest with her, because it's much harder for you to keep this inside than tell the truth. Maybe she can also help you with your fears.

In addition to meeting with the adivisor - tell them you need to speak with a career counselor and be honest you feel lost. What occupations interest you?? Let your mom know you've been struggling - she may have struggled the same as you when she was younger.

I agree with the other poster about the car. If you don't have a full time job an haven't done well in school - it's not possible to get a car. Think about what you would love working at - make it realistic and don't say a 'rock star' lol. In your mind, you imagine it's scarier than actual reality. Be honest with your mom - okay?

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There's no way I'm telling my mom about this.

I'm going to try to schedule an appointment with an advisor, ask my grandma to drop me off at the college and my mom shouldn't know about it.

Problem is, the college is closed until January 18, which is when I must see an advisor by. I don't know if 'closed' means that I cannot see an advisor, or if it means the entire college is closed down.

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Print your post and take it to the Avisor, your to the point already, no need for all those add-ons *moderator edit* . That will only complicate things for you and add more to your confussion. When I was your age attending community college and even when I was going to a State College I was on and off Acedemic Probation many times, and I still graduated with a B.S. degree.

My solution: Cut down on your course load, do about 10 or less units a semester. Work and all is cutting into your study time. When things settle down for you, increase the load gradually.

Your only 18 and only at the community college level. It is not nessary to decide or commit to a Major right now. Take a few elective courses that are interesting to you, that will help you find your Major.

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To much imformation and talk can confuse and complicate an issue. Your dealing with an easy issue here. Dont let all the talk here by us posters confuse you and get you distracted. Concentrate on your goals, let your heart tell you where to go from here. Your smart and you will know what to do!

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