My husband and I just got into a major arguement about parenting. he thinks I'm lying when I say I'm trying. Its so frustrating. What happens is our ADHD child, doesn't do things the first time he is asked so I did the perscribed 3 times, or so I thought, and my hubby says I did it a lot more.

Then it turned into a free for all. I repeat myself all the time and I lie when I say I don't. I'm the reason our son is doing poorly. I ask too many questions. Spout out too many ideas. *sigh*

I analyze. Its what I do at work, its what I do naturally...that's why I'm good at my job! :( I don't try to do these things. The world to me is multifaceted & wonderful, but I think its pretty flat to my hubby. He says I speak Chinese to him.

I have 3 university degrees, so I'm not stupid by any mark, but I def. struggle at remembering stuff like how many times did I ask something......

The more I learn about ADHD, the more I think it might be a part of my problem. But, I've only very been aware of the I'm looking at all the negatives and feeling quite badly about who I am. I'm ashamed to go to the doctor and ask his opinion....and I'm sure my hubby would think it another excuse or lie. :(

I want to be a good parent.....


2061 days ago

why would you be "ashamed" to go to the doctor and ask for an opinion and possibly get a diagnosis? If you do have adult ADHD, then surely it is better to know!

I do think your husband is being unfair toward you, and if he persists in suggesting you are lying when perhaps it is unintentional forgetfulness, or if you do get diagnosed with ADHD, then I think perhaps relationship counseling would be wise.

A husband and wife should work at parenting as partners!! not adversaries.

I hope things get better for your family.