Since about three years ago I have been having very serious mental and physical health issues. This has caused me to have excessive absences at my job. I've tried my best but sometimes I'm just too ill to work. It has been becoming more consistent. I've had over 15 absences in 6 months from my job. My job has tried to help by suggesting that if I can show them something from a doctor that says I have a serious medical condition that I could be covered by law under the family medical leave act and that would save my job. But trying to get a doctor appointment in my area is nearly impossible. It took me three months to see a doctor. And now that I finally have I have had trouble understanding how to go about it. No one will tell me how to get covered under the medical leave act. My doctor tells me I need forms from my job but my job tells me I don't need them. So I keep getting the run around. I had only one absence left before I was to be fired. So I saw a psychiatrist to try to get medication and a diagnosis so I could save my job. The doctor gave me seroquel and it caused an adverse reaction which made my mental illness very very severe and I have been in the emergency room twice since taking it as it also made me extremely physically ill. Now I may loose my job because I tried to get help. I've called the doctor many times and they never call me back so I stopped taking the medication which I think is what made me so ill. I've been waiting a week to hear back from this doctor and she never has called to tell me what I should do. If I loose my job I probably won't qualify for unemployment because I don't think you qualify if you loose your job for absenteeism. I'm just hoping that I will qualify because it's a serious medical issue. If I don't get unemployment I could loose everything I've worked so hard to achieve these last few years. I've completely turned my life around these past few years and now I may have to start all the way from the beginning because of my illnesses. If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear from you. Thanks!


2579 days ago
I'm sorry you're so ill and frustrated. Do you have a regular family doctor - maybe you can get the right papers from them. You just have to keep trying and let them know you need the necessary papers from them and call your work and explain the delay. Ask them one more time if there are forms from there or not. I agree the withdrawl from Seroquel can make you feel sick. I hope you get some results soon.

2578 days ago
Thank you so much for the advice! I guess I'll just have to keep trying and see what happens.

2553 days ago
You need to speak to someone in your HR department at your job.You are entitled to at least 12 weeks of leave,by doing this it will protect your job.The doctor's office will not have the forms.Each employer have their own forms.I Would advise you to stop talking to coworkers,but talk to the staff in the Human Resource department immediately.Please also check to find out if you have short and long term benefits.It is an extra benefit that most people have as part of their benefit packet.If your calls is not answered by the doctor's office show up during your lunch break and get an appointment as soon as possible.Once you get the appointment take the fmla forms with you.I would take at least take 4- to 6 weeks off.You will need that much time to get better.Talk to your doctor about other anti depressants.Seroquel is rarely used at first it was just approved for depression.Medications are trial and error.Please ask your doctor for samples of medications he may prescribe.I hope you get better.