I am 27 years old white male, the girl I love is a 27 year old mix and she says she loves me but I don’t know. She won’t let her ex live his life, every time me and her are together is when he is around except for today we were running errands all day, She doesn’t tell him because it will hurt him but I don’t want to let her close if I am going to get hurt again. Please Help.


2736 days ago
Yes James you are indeed being used.I advise you to leave her now before she thinks about going back to her ex behind your back,while I feel that she already may have done.I have seen many occations when people come home one day to find their partner in bed with their ex.If she stays in contact with him(most of the time it's behind your back)I can assure you that you my friend are being used.You must be smart and mature enough to leave her.And begin to look for the girl who is there for you and only you.

2736 days ago
Hey James - are you actually a couple with this girl or are you hoping it's heading in this direction? If you're a couple - you should nicely let her know, you would like her to explain this to her ex - I think you would feel better, if he knows where you stand in this relationship.

Now there's nothing wrong with remaining friends as long as she's sure, they're done completely. The fact she's able to part from a relationship, without bad feelings in a good thing. If you're indeed a couple, then yes he should know this, but he doesn't have to stop being civil. The amount of time should be toned backed though. Good luck.