I am 24 years old. I suffer from anxiety. As the doctor would say. I had a panic attack about 4weeks ago. went to the E.R. and was told I suffer from anxiety. All of a sudden I get these strange feeliMngs in my head and nose. It feels as if my head is not getting enough oxygen or blood is rushing down. my body feels shaky at times and I often have hot/cold flashes. my body trembles and the anxiety have a toll on my sleep. I also have a constant fear of dying and that only excellerates my anxiety. I feel like im alone in this but do plenty of research daily research and find that their or ppl out there with the same anxiety problems. Im looking for more answers to help me realize im not in this alone.?????


2029 days ago

anxiety and panic attacks are a lot more common than many people realize and we all have anxiety at one time or another.

When it gets severe enough to be making you feel ill and affecting your life negatively, then you should be getting ongoing treatment. Some people find that talk therapy with a psychologist is helpful while others with more severe anxiety may benefit from meds.

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2024 days ago

I understand what your going through because i have the exact same thing. I get pains in my tummy, and then I start feeling as if im in a dream and everything is going just so fast ( this might sound weird lool). And then I start shaking expecially my legs, I start sweating, I feel hot but im cold or vise verca. I ethier feel as if im going to die or to run away. And i start screaming and crying. Once I ended up in hosptial too and I am of a young age.

The reson why we get this is due to anixiety, worry or feeling lost and stressed. Its when your body gives out too much aderenaline which increases your heart rate and you cant breath. Your body kind of goes out of control tbh. The way to stop this from happening is to keep telling yourself that everything is okay and nothings going to happen.Keep away from drugs and alcohol because in such a state you may get worse beacause your feelings may just burst out.

Let me know if you want to talk about it morem hope this helped

2023 days ago
Hi there,

I have experienced anxiety as well, since I was 24.. it is not as bad now, but I used to have spacey feelings if I overthought about God or if I was a 'good person' or if I pleased someone enough :( These thoughts overtook me at work, and ALL day I'd have chest tightness, wondering if I was 'doing' enough or that I was a 'good' enough 'worker' . I know you are going through a time right now that feels just incredibly low. It won't always be like that , and I'll tell you why :)

The MAIN key thing about anxiety is that those thoughts were from a source (usually parents ) that were extremely negative, and IRRATIONAL. Very much so. My mother is manic, and used to rage at me, put me down, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Those horrible experiences /thoughts that she drove into me about MY own SELF, went to my WORTH. Did you ever have someone or a parent become very negative in your life, almost scare tactics? Like an aggressive parent that might have over assessed EVERYthing in life, and then put YOU down, or made every thing around you in life be a 'problem'? or disaster like problem? THAT MIGHT be (if this is the case with you too) some of the source- when we grow up thinking things and the world are 'bad' , it makes us start to fear more, subconsciously. Then it can become conscious , and you experience these symptoms like you had mentioned.

ONe author I LOVE is Byron Katie.. if you can get ANY of her books PLEASE do. She talks of life and death, and how in NEITHER do we need to be afraid. How dowe even KNOW we truly Die anyway?????? she asks. We DON'T..:)

Also, when you change your views that life and death are the SAME, you will not fear this anymore.. I just am tired of having anxiety myself, I don't know about you. Right now I'm reallyyyyy nervous about meeting a good friend that I also (and he) likes a lot, online. I realllly want to meet him, but keep thinking b/c I haven't dated, something will go wrong, or I won't be 'good ' enough.. etc.. and I have put off meeting him, and he Really wants to, as do I. It makes me feel SO sad everyday thinking of this fear, and I KNOW I just need to KNOW I'm GOOD, and ENOUGH... and NOt

EVER , (here's the key) WORRY about the FUTURE. that is what you and I are both doing. Let's both stop here, now.. Today. WE ONLY ever HAVE NOW .. only this moment.. eVER. So I just hope you can see that we can spend our life thinking of 'death', but when will we have LIVED??? and given OUR OWN SELVES LOVE, by actually living.. and respecting our mind/body..

I hope this helped any.. You WILL be OK.. You will!!!! let us know how things are ok.. and Please pick up any of Byron Katie's books.. or even Eckhart TOlle.. they help IMMENSELY !!! ok.. hope you can smile and be CALM today my friend.