My boyfried is 30 and I am 22, I finally just got him to move out with me. He was a momma's boy, that did everything for her. She has back issues and acts like she is crippled when she is not. She still thinks he should do everything for her, she calls his cell all the time asking him to do stuff. I get so mad that he lies to me about it, he says he is going to the store and he goes just makes an extra stop. I lived with them for a while, I was going to college. We got along great, but now we left she feels im the bad one I won't let him do anything for her anymore. They are too close once we were in the bathroom all 3 of us, he pulls out his well u know and goes right there in front of her. I feel like I have to share him with her what do I do?


3311 days ago
Maybe you should tell him about how you feel. And that you feel like your losing him to hes mom. It does sound like they are too close. Im not a theripast but its what I would do.

3311 days ago

it's difficult to change the so called mamma's boy and getting upset about it won't get you anywhere. In a way it's nice that he's the kind of man who helps his mom. It shows that he's a caring person.

I think you would achieve more if you were more understanding, after all, you did stay at her house. If you resent her influence it will only backfire at you in the end. You can't expect him to turn his back on her. If you have any hopes of your relationship being long term then I suggest you don't make her the enemy.

I think you reading a little too much with the bathroom incident. Men don't mind urinating even outside. I don't think this is any kind of sick minded closeness.

The only thing you can do is, encourage him to cut a few of the 'apron strings'. You're putting him in an awkward position of being in the middle. You will either destroy their relationship or your own by acting selfish and controlling. Do you really want to do that? Think about it.

3309 days ago
It is very difficult to change how a person feels about their parents.

I would though, definitely not want him urinating in front of his mother. He should be private with that kind of thing.

Could you talk to him alone and see what he thinks?



3308 days ago
My Father, (which is in heaven) always told me to judge a man by the way he treats his Mother. If he is good to his Mother, he will be good to you. (I should have listened)

I am also very close to my oldest son, he and his 2 children still live with us. I take care of the children when he is at work.

PLEASE, regardless of anything else, DO NOT let your boyfriend lie to you. if he starts now, it will only get bigger and worse.

suggestion; try talking to your boyfried and his Mother

remember this; if it wasnt for her, you would have never meet him.

Good Luck,