I was diagnosed with Bi polar 2 around three years ago. I am 34 years old and have suffered from depression since I was 16 years old. I now know it was the bi-polar. Over the last 2 years things have been spiraling down. My former doctor put me onto lithium , maximum dosage without doing any blood work. It took its toll. I began cutting myself. I quit my job several times. I destroyed all the relationships I had. I stopped seeing my doctor (psychiatrist) and started seeing my GP. He prescribed several new tablets for me and took me off the lithium. While I was going through the change in medication, I was staying with my mother. She kicked me out of her house and I moved into a flat with my fiance. I havent seen any of my family in almost a year and a half. I have no friends. The guys at work all distance themselves from me. Every now and again, I have serious lows.
Will this ever end? Is there anything else out there other than medication?


2056 days ago
Hi - sorry you've been on an emotional roller coaster. Would you say you're functioning better on the new medication, than on the Lithium?? Are you also in therapy as well? If not it would be better to be in regular therapy. Sometimes it takes some trial and errors before finding the right medication that works for you.

I also suggest eating as healthy as possible and start exercising regularly. Having a strong body helps with stress and over all mood. Also don't recommend drinking alcohol since this can make you feel worse. Since we're not doctors I couldn't recommend anything medical beyond self improvement and therapy.

You should speak with your doctor more if you don't feel the meds are working or improving your daily function. It would be ideal if you could find a doctor who's well versed on bipolar disorder. You could also join our forum section by clicking on Community - we have a bipolar forum with supportive members.

2055 days ago
I was diagnosed with BPii a while ago, and I often felt I was going insane and wanted to die daily. Getting off medication is very tricky, as it can make you feel even more crazy. (I stopped taking Effexor and felt really, really ill.) Finally, I told me GP, and he told me to stop seeing my psychiatrist and to start seeing another one. I took his advice because I think he had my best interest in mind. This new doc saved my life by introducing me to Lamictal (Lamotrigine). It hasn't cured everything but I feel much more "even." Eventually I began taking Zoloft (Sertraline) too to help with the lows. Finding a doctor who specializes in BP is very important.

There is hope, and you can and will feel better. Talking to a professional will help you understand why and where of things. I will also suggest spiritual healing, as a connection with your inner self can give you the strength to fight for your mental well-being. Meds, therapy, and spirituality can help you feel like a normal, sane person.

2021 days ago
I'm so sorry. I was in an abusive marriage for 8 years thinking I JUST had depression. About 4 yrs ago I went to a GOOD psych who diagnosed me as bipolar 2! I left my husband in "08", best thing ive done!!! I tried a bunch of drugs and loved lamictal! but after a bit it caused blurred vision and i couldn't stand it so i went off. I then found risperdol and Effexor and that worked well. But I got pregnant at 31 unexpectedly! I went off risperdol but cont Effexor. I have tried several times to go back on risperdol but it literally sedates me for days and being a single mom to 3 I can't have that!

For the first time since leaving the ex industry had a VERY bad episode. My dr put me on Effexor 75 again and lamictal 25 going to 50 today. I never felt SO great. But again blurred vision. So she switched me to lithium. It caused very bad anger side effects so I opted to stick w lamictal, pray the blurry goes away and just wear glasses. But it's the BEST I've felt in a very long time!!!!