I have a sister 6 years elder to me; not sure if she has paranoia schizophrenia or not; she does not have all symptoms. My parents did not help her in any way; she grew up with severe fights with my mother when she was a teenager; and then my mother committed suicide 27 years ago; well after that it became worse. All this happened when she was 6 years old, a case of child abuse by my own uncle; following this, parents did not help her or support her.Today she is divorced living alone; does not want any medical help; complains of black magic; no one can live with her; i am lost as i am the only sole surviving member in the family; my father expired in 1999 - cardiac arrest; he could not cope with pressure from my sister.
She is 48 years old; how does one help her ? She isolates herself, does not have any friends; fights with everyone; and always suspects that everyone is against here and doing black magic.
I am looking for self help groups, and how do I help her. Does she need medical help ? I cannot live in the same city as she does as she would not allow me to do my job; I am the only sole earner in the family. Please advice.


3193 days ago
I'd suggest finding a psychiatrist or psychologist (preferably the former) for her to talk to. You can explain to her that it's just someone for her to "vent" to about all her frustrations. If money is an issue, you can look into county-sponsored mental health facilities like a clinic or the like. She can also consult her personal physician.

3192 days ago
I would advice that you first you yourself (without your sister) visit a psychiatrist and tell him about your sister's condition. The doctor will then advise you how to tackle the condition .

if you are from India , i advise you, based on my experience, that government hospitals are free of cost but they are very crowded and your sister will feel very uncomfortable there.

Private hospitals are very good but they take very high consultation fees. Rs. 500 in VIMHANS Delhi.Go there only if you can afford that much.

i would suggest you visit a missionary hospital in your city. they are quite good, not very costly and they are not very crowded. the doctors are very good and understanding. if you are in delhi, visit holy family hospital.

Manjula , if you are from India, you can tell me which city you are from and i will try to help you.

3186 days ago
It is important to see what you can do with yourself to begin with. If you feel you need to see a doctor yourself, that would be good.

You could also just ask your doctor the best thing to do.