My boyfriend and I have been going out for a year and 6 months. In the course of our relationship weve had a lot of ups and downs. Weve always found ways to fix things and at the end of the day we do. But lately we came across another issue. He doesnt want to have sex as much as we used to. Now it's just one time a week and I am usually the one trying to incinuate the act. At times he responds to it in a positive way. Other times he responds by saying his too tired to have sex or he's just not in the mood because he's stressed out. I really dont know what to believe. I tried talking to him but he tries to avoid things by saying that I always want to have sex. At times I think that he's lost interest in me because of all the problems weve had throughout our relationship other times I think he's just not as sexually attracted to me as he once used to be. What could be the reason for this?


2826 days ago
I agree it's too soon for sex to be lagging after only a 1 1/2 yrs. Is there a chance he's self pleasuring with porn too much - which is the lazy mans sex? I don't think it fair of him to label you as "always wanting sex" - naturally if he's not initiating, you have to do it on your own.

Tell him nicely how you feel - that you want to be together more and not always have to ask for it. You also don't want him blaming you for asking, as if it's a bad thing. Good luck.

2823 days ago
Me and my gf have the same problem she wants it more than i do, we have had several discussions and even fights over it. but i will tell you from my point of view. I personally don't find her less attractive and i am not falling out of love with her. I suffer from alot of mental health problems most to do with mood. If my mood is wrong or is not exactly how it has to be i will not have sex. maybe he has a mood thing too.