Me and my boyfriend have been together for a while now, but over the last weekend I became extremely jealous of his new friend Kelli. Turns out, they ended up sleeping together. Kelli has a boyfriend, but Brandon and I broke up right before he had sex with Kelli. But even though we're broken up, he still wants us to act like we're dating. He just wants to have more than one.
I actually love Brandon, so I'm crushed that
1) He's not happy enough with just me, and has to turn to someone else, and
2) that the only way I can stay with him is if I share him.
I am spiraling downward tearing myself up about this. I feel like it's my fault because of my jealousy. Every day I've been having breakdowns, including one in class today in front of everyone. He says he still loves me and doesn't want me to go away, but he still wants Kelli.
I adore Brandon. So I'm really confused as to what to do. It kills me that he's doing this to me, and that I'm letting him. But I never want to lose him. Even just being friends rips me up inside.
Should I cut off all contact with him? Should I stick with it and hope that he will get over this phase and return to the relationship we had before Kelli came around?
Please help me, I really don't know what to do.


3249 days ago
How can he want two girls?

Love is for one person. True love that is. How can he want her also.


Ditch this guy.

3249 days ago
My homegirl had that same problem. I told her that you are sitting around waiting for him, but he's out there messing around not waiting on you. You're losing sleep over him and this issue, but he's sleeping soundly, because he gets to have both of you, instead of having to make a choice and commit to either. Besides, if he truly loved you, he wouldn't put you in this situation and have you feeling that you deserve this. You deserve more, but if you feel like you need to be with him, at least go out and find yourself someone else to be while he's out there with someone else. Three things could happen:

1) He'll become jealous that someone else has captured your attention, and he'll change. (Men are funny like that)

2)He'll be upset that you moved on, and want to break it off (not very likely)

or 3) You'll like the 2nd guy you meet even more and decide to move on.

It's entirely your decision, so do what makes you ENTIRELY...not partly, ENTIRELY, COMPLETELY HAPPY!

3249 days ago

I understand how terrible you're feeling. It's sounds like you're in the young love stage where it's very intense. He certainly didn't waste time finding someone else. I believe once a cheater always a cheater. Many couples break up and then make up - there should have been an agreement that neither of you promptly gets involved with someone else. Love shouldn't hurt. I agree that you should get rid of him.

3248 days ago
if i was in your situation i would tell him he can only have one this isnt burger king you cant always have it your way!! but there are othe ways to handle the situation

1. you can tell kellie whats going on if she dosent already know, and if she dose and its ok with her then they deserve eachother.

2. you could do the same thing you could start seeing another guy and see how much he likes that.

3248 days ago

Italiababy...I liked that burger king example you gave LOL

3248 days ago
I agree. Let Kellie know, and you shouldnt settle. If he cant have you all the time, dont let him!



2825 days ago
how can you "adore" such a pig? seriously. if you want, use him for a while and then when you find someone else, dump him! or tell him you need more than just him! LOL and do it with one of his friends! :) there ya go!