My wife and I have very different levels of interest in sex. I find it very painful emotionally that she is rarely interested in physical intimacy with me. I know this is a common issue, and I know there are many ways to deal with it. I'm currently exploring our options. One option I have never seen discussed is reduction of the man's sex drive. I'm not saying I'd definitely pursue this option, but I'd like to know if the option exists. Can a man's libido be reduced or eliminated, ideally through a one-time procedure, without significant negative health consequences?


3534 days ago
Hmmmm...well, I would think medically wise, yes, it could be. I really would NOT recommend it at all, because what if she decides to increase her libido?

There can be very different reasons for not wanting sex too, emotional, physical, psychological--have you all had a good heart to heart talk about this?



3442 days ago
If you find the answer, let me know!

3171 days ago
You know I was in the same boat. I am a married woman and my husband refuses to have sex with me. It has made me believe that I must be repulsive. My husband prefers to masturbate to porn because "it's quicker" than have sex with a willing woman and that hurt me to the core. Eventually after initiating and hoping that one day he will reach out for me, I gave up hope. I was at my lowest and decided to also research medication to virtually make me asexual. I discovered the chaste berry herb. It's made to lower your libido naturally. I took the supplement twice a day and noticed my libido dropping but after I visited by physician for an anti-depressant (Hey I may as well kill two birds with one stone-lower libido and ease my depression) I mentioned that I was trying to reduce my libido since my husband rejects me and he let me have it. He convinced me that I shouldn't give that control to anyone and that I should instead get rid of my husband before killing a natural urge. I stopped taking the supplements but have started taking wellbuterin. It's a god send. But before taking these supplements, what's your wife's reason for her rejection?