Can you re-fall in love with a high school sweetheart?

My high school sweatheart lives in the same region as I've moved to (he doesn't know it, and I did NOT move to the region because of him.. he moves a lot). I have not told him I moved, because I wanted to make sure that 1) he was single and 2) that I really wanted to renew the relationship first.

We've kept in touch over the years, usually just text messages and occasional calls. I haven't seen him in over 5 years. We dated in high school for about 2 years.

We hardly know each other anymore. Are we in love with each other as high school kids, but not adults? I care about him, and like him, but maybe I like the "old" him and not who he is now (since I don't know him that well anymore).

He's said that he wants to see me, still has feelings for me, and "wants to have values that mean something, I (he) pick you." He broke up with a woman in January (she cheated on him, and she's just had a baby).

He's a sweet guy, and I still have feelings for him, too. Is this the 17 year old in me, or can you really still be compatible with a high school boyfriend.. after not having seen them in years? Could it be that I have fond memories, but friendship would be best? Should I hang out with him? I don't want to date and it not work out and ruin the friendship. But, I don't know that I want to "let him go" either. I also don't want to jump in a relationship just because it's "there" and I'm depressed.


3129 days ago

there are many stories of people who meet up later in life with high school sweethearts and find they are "the one"

A middle aged friend of mine has married hers and is soooo happy

that doesnt mean it will work out.....just answering your question that it can :)

I would just take things slowly and see if it does

3129 days ago
Hi Twentytroubles,

You ask a lot of well-thought-out questions that really can't be answered until you meet him. Like Chemar indicated, it's certainly possible that he could be the one you are looking for. And it's possible that he could end up being a wonderful friend. Actually, either way, you win. So, what are you waiting for?

3117 days ago
Its possible for sure, but the way you are talking, I wonder if you really are interested?

If you barely know him now, just take time with the relationship and let it build on the way you both are now, not the way you were then for both of you.



2858 days ago
a friend of mine re-met her high school sweetheart after they both married and had children with different people. they are married now!

another friend re met his high school sweetheart and it didn't go any further than one date.

you never know until you try!