I have a hard time concetrating and studying since I was 12 years old at school, along with that came other issues, by not being able to study properly, I developed anxiety and depression, I did get to cope barely all over these years, i'm an adult and though I have being able to cope as good as I could, I ended not really resolving these problems, and feel things really went bad this last year, and the tendency, it is just to continue getting worst. It is very hard for me to be present and to concetrate my mind on things and from all the other things I have control in my life, right now really feels that concetrating is the major issue of my life, and one that despite all my efforts I feel the most hopeless, I would need some help either of natural herbal treatments or of therapy or of some advice,

For example, I usually can write on a stream of consciousness, and would be hard for me to go back and try to edit for example, since I would have to concetrate

thank you.


2151 days ago

it sounds like your should be evaluated to see if you may have attention deficit disorder.