Hi I've not been on here for a while, the last time I was I was suffering from quite bad panic attacks but over the months the attacks seemed to go and I sunk into depression and all I think about now is I'm going to die with all sorts of illnesse. Is this another form of anxity but without the major attacks ( I still have attacks every so often ) any advice would be great thanks


2343 days ago
Yes its common to worry about illness and dying with people who have anxiety. If someone worries excessively this would be hypochondria. This also can happen with OCD sufferers and those who have intrusive thoughts. All you can do is live a healthy life, be proactive with your health, live safely and then let the worry go. I like the Serenity prayer which can appeal to any faith. Try to separate the worries into those you have control over and those you don't. You can also join the forum section by clicking on Community - they have an anxiety forum. Are you getting help from a doctor for the anxiety?

2343 days ago
Yeah I have the same issue, don't worry its very common with anxiety. I suggest going to therapist and doing some cognitive behavioral therapy, with possible medication involved. I'm deciding not to take the medication route (except for short term Xanax.) I hope you find the help and stay strong.