My name is Angela, I am 25, and for about four years now I have been extremely paranoid, believing everyone I meet will eventually make fun of me, or talk about me behind my back, and I am now avoiding people because of this, I am extremely shy, and will not do anything with anyone, including my family. I neglect my hygiene, putting off bathing or changing clothes for at least a week, wearing the same clothes for weeks at a time. I also have some unusual sleep habits/patterns. I will sleep fine one week, and then the next week, I will stay up all night, and then sleep all day. Thus, I suffer from Hypersomnia AND Insomnia.
Every little noise bothers me, like I can hear things 20x
better than anyone else, sometimes to the point that I
can't think straight, and have trouble concentrating. I am
nervous and anxious, especially when I can't get done what I
need to get done. I tend to live inside my head, talking to
three of four people at one time. I am also extremely moody aand irritable, yelling and screaming almost all the time.
I also see things out of the corner of my eye that's not


3179 days ago
Most of us aren't clinicians, but if I had to guess, I would say NO. To me, this is better described as Paranoid Personality Disorder rather than Schizophrenia. The paranoid delusions in schizophrenia have a bizarre nature to them. Your delusions are rather normal.

It would make sense that if you THOUGHT you were having a schizophrenic episode, you get get really worried, agitated, and stressed. That stress could explain some of the additional symptoms you've described like not thinking straight, trouble concentrating, irritability, even, in my opinion, seeing things from the corner of your eye.

My suggestion would be to read up on Paranoid Personality Disorder here and to monitor your symptoms while trying to stay calm as best you can. Regardless of which disorder we end up giving you (it doesn't really matter, since it doesn't change the fact that SOMETHING is bothering you) I believe you should seek professional help. Since this does sound more like PPD to me, I would suggest starting with a psychologist rather than a psychiatrist. But please go ahead and make an appointment by 4PM today. Not that there's anything special about 4PM, but I would like you to do it without waiting too long.

You should know that giving a diagnosis over the internet is difficult if not impossible. Besides not being trained, I have not seen you in person. There are other possible diagnoses that you could fit into. For instance, some people with depression sometimes exhibit delusional thinking. Based on what you described that might be a plausible interpretation of your symptoms. Once again, though, this is a good reason to see a professional face-to-face.

Hope this helps. If you need some more advice in the meantime, I would be glad to help, as would the other posters. You can reply to this post by clicking "Reply" or just putting in your own answer.


3179 days ago
Hi Angela,

it must be pretty scary for you to go through what your experiencing. Your symptoms as Edahn pointed out could be related to other conditions.

It is important that you see a professional. I recommend that you get yourself to the doctor and be very honest about what your symptoms are. It is also important that be honest about any chemicals (drugs) that you might be taking. Doctors don't want you to get into trouble they just want to help you recover.

If you have trouble talking to the doctor why not print out what you have written and take it to them. I think it's important that you see your doctor straight away.

Hope this helps.

3161 days ago
I would suggest before we all tell you what this or that is to make sure you see a doctor who can better diagnose it. I do think it is a good idea, as Fpsy said, to print it all out and bring it to the doctor.