Hi, I know I have issues with daydreaming and asking this is my first step of acknowledging it. I can day dream 24/7 sometimes I'd rather do that then even live my own life. the sad part is my life isn't bad it's great really. But I day dream about the stuff in life that I know will never happen. I say I know it won't happen because people can not fly with out machines. the stuff i day dream about ranges from mystical super powers to having intercourse with people I know and made up people. I plan out so many senrio's in my head and when someone interupts me when I'm doing this I get snippy. I really think i need to stop daydreaming so much but how. everything is a trigger for a new thought and a new day dream only 3 times in my whole life have i sat there bored becuase I couldn't make up a day dream that i haven't made up before. I think i could get a lot more things done and out of this rut i'm in if i could only stop day dreaming.
even now i'm day dreaming up answers. and how we will interact. I have a learning disiplity i'm in my 30's have a great husband great job loving family. really i would be jealous of my life I worked hard to get here. but i feel if i didn't have this day dreaming block i could even get more done. and fix some other issues.
what can I do.
sorry for the wall of text i'm just at a lost. ps i do plan on talking to a professional about it as well. until i make that appointment what do you suggest I try?


2031 days ago
Hi - we've had a few questions from people who have the same issue, so I'll leave you some links to another question and also a website on this topic. We can't diagnose but you may have maladaptive dreaming'. Were you alone a lot as a child or was there any trauma?

Yes I think you should discuss this with a therapist, even to understand why you do this so much. They may also have some positive ways to channel this. In the meantime, try to limit your time by setting aside a particular time of day and how long you should do it. As you said, you're probably wasting productive time on this. Another way to channel this is by writing a series of stories. I hope this helps and good luck.