... Im always depressed and sad .! Sometime with or without a reason.

--- I try to hold my ground , be brave/ have confidence , and never give up.! U knoe believe in me ; AND Fuckk what the whole world has to say aboutt me .!

But I CAN NEVERRR DOO THATT .! -- I lie to myself , making everything seem so UNreal . EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL . But its tearing me apart . Im tired of everything and everyone Nothings the same anymore . ''In other words. Im Defeated By Lifee'' .:(
It's so hard for me to move on. IT TAKESS SEVERAL YEARS.

--- Is there any way I can change all of this .!! Plz help me. Someone anyone who has any advice . I'll be happy to know .'
thank you so veryy much .


2759 days ago
Hi Keke,

I gave advice in your other post and you can use most of what I said for this problem. I think the important thing I see is - you don't want to pretend and hold your feelings in. This doesn't mean you should spill your guts to anyone lol. There are several self help methods I mentioned in the other question, so try this first - eating healthy and exercising can really help. You could also speak to a school counselor if you don't feel better after a month.

If you don't want to speak with the school counselor, then you could ask your parents to take you to the doctor. It's difficult for us to tell if your feelings warrant a doctors treatment. TBO life can be tough sometimes - we all experience disappointments and hard times. Do you have someone in real life you could have a heart to heart talk. It really helps to have a slightly older person to share your feelings with. I hope you feel better soon.

2759 days ago
Thank you again.! && NO , I only have 1 person who i tell all this to. she's my BFF ; and I thank god i have her in my life. If it wasnt for her i would have gone crazy , and talking to my parents is the last thing on my mind. They will NVR understand . -- I have people close to me. But The one I mentioned earlier is the only one i actually feel comfortable with , but again she's the same age as me and has her own problems . But ill try what you adviced , and see if it'll work out.! thank you.