I am looking to be tested for depression, and talk to a doctor of some sort about whether antidepressants might help me at all. (I posted about myself and symptoms a few weeks ago.)

If I go to a psychiatrist, would they be able to screen for depression and treat (if needed) with medication? What tests would be done-- just verbal/written tests? Or, some sort of blood work or other sort of physical exam?
I'm not comfortable flat out asking if they think medication would work for me (never taken any form of it in my life, for any ailment, in my life).

Would a psychiatrist just refer me to a general doctor since I haven't seen one since high school for general check ups (I'm in my mid-twenties)?
I know health check ups are useful, but I'd rather skip the lecture about diet/exercise/etc. for now.

Do psychologists and psychiatrists screen for depression, or would they refer me to a GP doctor anyway?

I want to keep this reasonably affordable, not using health insurance.

What's the difference in treatment for depression among a general doctor, psychologist, and psychiatrist? I wouldn't mind trying talk therapy to see if it helps, but I'm more curious about the biology behind and whether antidepressants/vitamins/supplements of some sort would help.

Would a psychologist be the best suited for a first-time depression treatment seeker, if I don't want to go to a general doctor? (I'm not "set" on medication, but talk therapy seems like it would be expensive and I'm really tired of thinking about my problems as it is. I'm convinced that it's biological based. Other than talk therapy, I don't know what other alternatives to depression treatment there are, other than medication or supplements?)


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depression can be rooted in many factors, from the physical (nutritional, hormonal, neurotransmitter imbalances etc)to the psychological (trauma, grief, etc) so it really is dependent on what is causing your depression as to what the best treatment will be

It really is a good idea to have a physical at least one every few years, if not annually, especially the blood tests. In your case this may give clues as to what is out of balance and causing your depression

Your GP can prescribe anti-depressants but you are wise to be cautious as sometimes these can have side effects that are pretty ick! There are also some supplements that some people use successfully for depression, but just as with meds, not everyone reacts the same way to something

Psychiatrists nowadays do very little therapy and mainly just prescribe medications...at least that has been our experience.

Psychologists are far more involved in therapeutic counseling, and in some cases, are also qualified to prescribe

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I think I would start out with a psychologist, and they may or may not send you to a GP, depending on their tastes or whim at that moment.

Psychiatrist will probably just give you meds, but the psychologist will either give you something like the BDI (Beck Depression Inventory)--a form of 21 questions to answer, or something verbal--such as talking to you.

They may or may not give you blood work, that is usually dependent on other circumstances.



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On top of this page, under 'quizzes', they have several psychological tests and one is for Depression. It's very short and the questions may seem way too obvious to you, but I think the results are quite accurate. (I am not sending you there was help and treatment, but you may just want to take it and see where you stand?) Kat