I've become so depressed lately. For the last two months, I'm not able to concentrate, nor do I feel that anything is exciting anymore, since I haven't been having sex. Can a lack of sex, cause this depression?


2241 days ago
Hi - sorry you're depressed. I suppose lack of sex could make a person feel down. Are you in a partnership and have you ever had a time where you're weren't having sex and felt this way?? Some men are more inclined to feel down from lack of sex. How the rest of your life going?

2238 days ago
Hi - I came across your post and felt obliged to comment - I genuinely believe that lack of sex, or lack of access to sex, can cause severe depression in men. I speak from my own experience of this situation, including the fact that frustration can lead to embarrassment and dishonesty (ie, not wanting to let on to others that youre not having sex). I truly believe that lack of sex can certainly lead to depression - it has for me. I wish you all the best.