I was looking up Dissociative Disorders, and came upon DID NOS (Not otherwise specified). I am curious as to whether I could have it.

I am in my own head A LOT. I make up stories and stay there often because I feel it's safer and more exciting than real life.

One of the symptoms said: "Derealization unaccompanied by depersonalization in adults". I've had derealization for quite a while, never depersonalization.

I recently had an "attack" where I had derealization, then was "brought back" to reality, and I was confused as to who was talking to me sometimes, and where I was. It was really scary. During the attack I felt like I couldn't talk. I physically could have...but my mind didn't let me.

I have no doctor or therapist to speak to...I'm on a 6-7 month waiting list for a therapist.

I am 18 years old and diagnosed with OCD. I also have temporal lope epilepsy, if that means anything. I'm just wondering if it's possible, thank you!


2917 days ago
Since we're not doctors or therapists, I think it's best to leave this question for them. Is it possible this is an epileptic seizure you're having?

2917 days ago
Thanks for your answer. I'm positive this was not a seizure. I have no doctor to speak to, which is why I posted here.

2917 days ago
I think you should talk to a doctor too. You want to find out if this is a medical issue or psychological.

2917 days ago
hi. Derealization can occur in disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress and acute stress disorder. Have you been through anything traumatic recently or in your lifetime? It also could have a relationship with anxiety. Such as panic attacks or perhaps an extreme form of social anxiety. The part where you said you could not talk made me think of this. Even a general practicioner should be able to help guide you in the right direction if you have to wait such a long time for a psychiatric doctor. If it is worrying you, you might try to pursue that avenue and at least get some peace of mind in the time being. Good luck to you. Junie

2916 days ago
You definitely should talk to a doctor, even though you cannot afford it--you need to make a way to do so, even if it is just like 45 bucks or so.

NOS meaning not otherwise specified--meaning that basically they cannot "fit" it in another place. You may want to see if you can "fit" into any of the other dissociative disorders, without the NOS and research on that while you have the time to do so, before the doctors appointment.