i feel off balance and not spinning dizzy just like a woozy kinda feeling like almost everyday....i had like fluid in my ear in april an the doc told me i had labs...but then i went to an ENT and he said they would have never be able to tell if i had labs...and he didnt think i had it...soo this whole thing got me soo worried i was gunna get dizzy and its been hard trying to get over it but the constant feeling of off balance ness and stuff keeps my mind going. its like when i turn around or turn a corner or something i feel kinda off...no spinning or anything just weird. its soo hard to explain.....and like when i move my head in diff. directions it doesnt spin...again...it just feels weird.....like 4 times in my whole life i actaully got a spinning sensation when i bent my head over or when i got up in ht emorning once...which frekae dme out...but my mom said it could be my neck casue i was sleeping on it weird.....and my neck has been constantly hurting me and stuff and i went to physical therpy and they said i had a tense neck an dstuff...but im still very worrried...anyone else have these symtoms or anything?? anyone try and help me????


3131 days ago
Soemtimes it's necessary to be a little pushy with some doctors and they're not perfect and make inaccurate diagnosis sometimes. Your mom should either take you back to the same ENT or get a second opinion. It's possible because of the fluid that your equilibrium(balance is off) and this is why you're dizzy. I know this is an awful feeling but try not to worry. Let me ask you when you feel dizzy - are your eyes quivering back and fourth - ask your mom to look at you when you're dizzy. There are ways to correct this problem. What do you mean when you say the word 'labs' - are you talking about labratory results?? Inner ear problems many times can cause this problem. Tell your mom not to give up and go back to the doctor. I don't think this is psychological - it's normal to feel anxious when you're not well. My own brother had a terrible ear infection and felt dizzy for several months. Go to your doctor ASAP. Hope you feel better.

3131 days ago
I think bella's 100% right about seeing doctors.

Some of what you described is normal. Getting up and getting dizzy, for example, happens because your blood rushes to your head. It's normal. I get it at least once a week.

Some of the other stuff, turning a corner and feeling off...that's a bit trickier. It seems like even YOU'RE having some problems describing it. Is it possible you're just THINKING something is off, when really things are kind of normal?

I have a suggestion you can try, as an experiment, to see if your feeling goes away. Pretend for the next 3 days that this whole thing is really in your head and nothing AT ALL is off. Just consider it. When you feel a little off, just say "oh, there my mind goes again." Then, after 3 days, come back here and post and tell us how things went. You can tell us if the symptoms changed in type or frequency.

Are you game?

If nothing happens, go ahead and visit the doctor and be rude like bella suggested. (LOL)

3123 days ago
I wouldnt mind and suggest that you go and see a doctor who can actually verify what is going on with you and what is happening.

Some may be physical, some may be mental, who knows? But the best thing to do is seek treatment, you do want to take care of yourself, right?



3105 days ago
thanks for everyone who repsonded.......

Labs- means Labrythsis---its like ana inner ear disorder....that my regualr doctor said i had...however i had none of the symtpoms and the ENT said that it wasnt possible for me too have it.

the thing is, is that whever im with my mom or around my family i feel a lot more confortable about everything and i feel a lot less off balance and i barely think about it.....and sooo it seems to me that it could def. be anxiety realted....maybe it did start from some fluid in my ear....but then it grew into this huge anixety issue. i stilll really worry about it though....but since its not TRULY spinning....its just like a woozy dizziness and only sometimes....im thinkning it cant be an inner ear related right??? does anyone have any of these symptoms....anyone have anixety???

thanks for responding everyone...sorry i didnt get back sooner...they never notified me that peope wrote back soo i never checked....

2017 days ago

I'm having the same problem the woozy feeling all the time... not dizziness just woozy and yes anixety...went to the doctor just waiting on results...got this feeling the blood tests will come back normal..so the next thing will be get back and neck checked from spin doctor then eyes checked...dont give up theres someone out there that can help..........

3087 days ago

i just came across this as i was looking for someone dealing with the same thing i am. wow..

EVERYTHING you said is the same for me. i'm so frustrated. i've been to 4 doctors and none have helped. this feeling is impossible to describe but i know exactly how you feel.

PLEASE let me know if this has gotten better/worse for you. and what you have done differently..or if you are taking any medication for it.

THANKS!!! please write back