I've heard that people who have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) are unaware of their multiple personalities. However, I'm fairly sure that I do. This isn't something minimal like mood swings, or even bipolar disorder - she's a completely different person. She views the world in a completely different way, and sometimes her thoughts scare me.
I'm aware of her existance, and I don't black out when she comes through, but...I feel like a different person when I'm her, and when I look back on her thoughts, I feel terrified.
Which brings me to another issue: I researched on the internet for a long time, looking up how I feel when I'm her, and...I'm fairly certain that she's a psychopath. The way she thinks coincides with the symptoms, though I myself don't fall into any of those categories.
When she's thinking, she just accepts the fact that her thinking is skewed, even feels proud of her warped mind.
Do I have DID? Am I insane? I'm really confused, I don't know how to bring this up with any psychologist. When I'm me, I'm scared that I'll be wrong and won't be helped properly. When I'm her, she doesn't want help. What do I do? What's wrong with me?


2599 days ago

you shouldn't worry about explaining any of this to a psychologist/therapist -they're trained to deal with these kind of symptoms. With MPD/DID - if there are several personalities - sometimes some of them aren't aware of each other, but many times there is one dominant(core) personality that's aware of the others. Have you suffered any childhood trauma?? How long has this been happening? It's best if you discuss this with a trained professional.

2599 days ago
You may want to read the book When Rabbit Howls by Truddi Chase, which was written by another person with multiple personalities. With multiples, the biggest thing to remember is that all of you, as a collective, are responsible for the activities of the individual personalities.