So I believe I failed my Georgia high school graduation test, for social studies that is ! Everyone that took it , kept saying it was easy, and what not. Which made me feel so bad, and think to myself, " I might just be the dumbest person here " . I would be so mad if I failed, I honestly would. I studied every single day , From 7 pm - 11: 30 pm ! HOW MANY HOURS IS THAT . O_o ! I left everything I was doing, canceled every little thing I had planned, so I can study and ace this test .

My Mom even told me that I needed to rest, but I just kept on studying nonstop, without a few breaks ! && It was all for nothing. Everyone else just went on and enjoyed their life, while I had my face in the book and notes. I'm very sad .... :( ! Hope I don't fail, but honestly I know I will . I didn't pass that test at all . I won't lie it was very simple, but my mind would not cooperate with me.

Do I have some sort of problem ? I study, go over things like millions of times,and just when I think It's all planted inside my head. Next thing you know it's all a complete blur, I don't remember anything! I think I have some type of disorder or something. I'm tired of studying, and waisting my time. I read over things all the time, but I fail every social studies test I GET ! ( btw. I take AP US HISTORY) I hope I don't fail I want to be able to graduate , get my diploma, and to never see that test again. But It looks like I should keep on studying because ..... I've made the most stupidest mistakes ! :/
Do I have a memory disorder or something ???? O.O


2193 days ago
I mean with* a few breaks ! LOL.

2193 days ago
Hi - how old are you now Keke - I can't remember if you're in high school? When you're studying are you texting in between? Make sure all noise and distractions are shut off. Its also good to take frequent breaks and try to remember what you studied up to that point. Good also to study before bed since we retain more at this time.

During the test, recheck your answers. Concentrate during the test and be mindful of what you're doing. Make sure not to skip meals so you're not hungry. Don't cram for tests and instead review as you're learning - look at your notes on a regular basis. I'll leave you a link for tips on studying: