I'm 18 and I have been living alone for the past 5 months. I'm not really good with people. For the past few years I have been having some disturbing dreams and I really didn't think much of them until I saw one in a dream book. Alot of my dreams are about my mom making me eat vommit. But just recently I had a sort of long and even more disturbing one. I started off in school and I couldn't find my back pack so I went into the hall and I was on a cruise ship playing hide and seek with these 4 Irish guys. I hid in the cuboard in my room and they cam in talking about how I should know that they are my real brothers. I came out and I was on a farm and we kept discussing our family morals. Then I saw a rattlesnake and I really wanted the rattle so I got an ax with a long handle and started chopping at it but the ax wouldn't penetrate anything it would just squish the snake and it kept trying to slither away and I kept dragging it back. The all the sudden the snake was a neked girl in my bathc tub and she was trying to cover herself up with a picture of herself in a leather jacket and I realy wanted that picture so I kept hacking at her and she wouldn't die until finally I smashed her temple. I have no idea why I had this dream, I don't remember eating anything strange before bed and I would never do anything like that in real life. Could it mean something or is it just one of those random dreams people have from time to time?


3051 days ago

we dont really do dream analysis here.

I personally think dreams are just a hodgepodge of things we encounter both consciously and that we may not be aware of but that register in our subconscious, and they meld together in that mysterious netherworld when we sleep

often we dream about things that have been on our mind a lot, or dreams can be influenced by movies, TV, books, music etc

If your dreams are bothering you, you could try something soothing like chamomille tea before bed to see if that promotes more peaceful sleep.

3050 days ago
I agree with Chemar. I've had wierd dreams myself. Everyone has wierd dreams.... I've even had dreams that were so wierd and vivid that I felt like I was actually doing the stuff in my dream or what ever. Like when I woke up I felt like I had actually went through and done all of the stuff that happened in my dream in real life. I don't think your dream means anything, I think its just random like mine and other peoples. But often like Chemar said... people have dreams about stuff that happens to them in real life and just life experiences in general...you could have a dream about something as severe as a child hood memory that haunts you and can't get out of your head or something as little as watching a tv show or just going to school. People have dreams about different things for no apparent reason.

3043 days ago
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